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Week 294

Here are some brief (belated) notes on last week.

Project SHACHI saw good progress. I pinned down the game design for the first beta in a bunch of screen sketches on index cards and some state models on whiteboard. Alper continued to do software development on the prototype in Unity while Tim further developed the artwork.

I reviewed the high fidelity prototype for BANKEN and also joined Bureau Drop for a presentation to the client.

Lekha, Alper and I had another call about Bycatch in which we planned the official launch, which I am happy to report will be at TWO5SIX. A fuller announcement will follow in due course but you heard it here first!

Alper prepared and gave a presentation at CounterPlay in Århus. He reports: “The conference was a lot of fun and I met a lot of people who think play is the future.”

Finally, I attended the first Hacking Habitat lecture. Saskia Sassen talked on the theme of “How to Be Seen”. She described how high finance has the tendency to make certain groups of people superfluous. They are pushed out and no longer officially accounted for. Zihni Özdil provided a brief response in which he argued that critics of neoliberalism should make an effort to communicate their concerns in plain language. Otherwise, the people affected by it the most are simply not reached.

The lecture was followed by a two-day event in which participants from various groups of concern worked together on solutions to the issues raised in the lecture. Our Playing with Rules workshop format was one of tools they used. It was also a first step for us towards “open sourcing” the format, because facilitation was handled by Hacking Habitat. I received some encouraging reports from the organisation on how it was received.

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