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Week 296

I was in the Netherlands last week to finish the first beta of SHACHI. The three of us (Kars, myself and Hedgefield) went to the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek on Wednesday to playtest it. Playtests are absolutely essential to validate both for us and our clients that what we are doing is going in the right direction. We had three times two kids play our game and we got positive results with also enough room for improvement. We’ll be busy designing and implementing a new version in the next weeks.

Kars evaluated Camparc Mk II over at STRP and discussed the future of the project. He also contributed more design and project support on BANKEN.

I took a train back to Berlin at the end of the week to catch the tail end of A MAZE. I played Bycatch with some people there.

Playing Bycatch at A MAZE

Kars’s talk at Creative Mornings Utrecht has been published which is an excellent overview of learning, play and games and productive ways to think about them. A write-up of the talk is forthcoming but you can watch the video below already.

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