Week 301

Last week I processed the last of the media attention for Bycatch. We now have a fairly handsome list of praise in various languages at the top of the page (check it out!) with Kotaku, Killscreen, Deutschlandradio Kultur, WIRED, NOS and Bright. We might add one or two more to that but with that it’s time to close off this chapter and move forward to our next steps. Next up most likely we will make a video about the game. We will also be talking about and playing Bycatch around the world over the course of the year.

SHIJIMI hit a minor snag that will be resolved in the following weeks. It does look like everybody is enthusiastic about the project so it looks increasingly likely that this will move out of the tentative stage.

Project SHACHI is well underway considering some changes happening over on the client side. For us it mostly means that the current sprint could not be completed due to external factors and we will be postponing our playtest.

We will be involved in an upcoming symposium about automated game design organized by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. We consulted on this before thanks to our associate Joris Dormans’s involvement in the project. The topic of computer aided game design including further work on Machinations is something that is highly relevant to our practice. More on this later.

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