Week 304

Niels, Alper and Kars discussing project SHACHI

Yes, we work hard. But we manage to enjoy ourselves as well, as you can tell from the nice photo above taken by Tim during a rare occasion: All of project SHACHI’s team physically copresent in our Utrecht studio.

Alper was in NL to run project KOKORO’s first workshop together with me. We spent a full morning with the client and various experts mapping a new product idea using engagement loops. It was very fruitful.

We will be playtesting a new version of SHACHI soon, so the team spent a week polishing, while I mainly concerned myself making sure all preparations for the test were made in time.

Halfway through the week Alper headed back to Berlin with a fresh batch of Bycatch copies in tow.

Meanwhile, I did planning work on the first design sprint for KOKORO and also for project TEDASUKE: We’ll be kicking this one off soon with a workshop as well, but focused on mapping user journeys.

Finally, I published a blog post on our work together with Reinwardt Academy on playful design for museum exhibitions.

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