Week 305

I was in the Netherlands all of last week for some joint work with Kars. I hope to be stationary in Berlin for a bit now since all the back and forth does get a bit tiring and we have lots of studio work to chew on ahead of us.


Kars gave a demo of SHACHI to a bunch of museums on Monday while I flew to Amsterdam. Tuesday we finished some final things for the playtest on Wednesday. The playtest script was similar though this time we had a game that was nearly content and feature complete. Niels ‘t Hooft joined us to take a look at the Airborne Museum and to help us document the entire thing. We’re discussing the results with the client and planning our next steps but we are confident that we are headed into the right direction.

Kars planned the first design sprint for KOKORO which is an interesting project we will talk more about later.

Thursday morning we went straight into a user journey workshop for TEDASUKE. That client has a social enterprise which they want to realign into something where the people doing stuff can self-organize themselves. We’ll be helping them come up with a strategy and concept that they can take to market.

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