Week 306

At the start of this week, we looked back on the playtest of project SHACHI’s second beta version. I went over to the client to discuss the outcomes, and the whole team collaborated on a plan for the next sprint. Meanwhile Alper took a moment to update the project financials.

More planning happened on KOKORO. We’ll have roughly two weeks for the first design sprint on a product which will help teenagers improve their mental health. I visited the client to discuss the plan for the sprint, and we collaborated on a sketch of the product’s underlying system.

We’ll be exploring a conversational UI for this project so copy is really important. Because of this I immediately started writing in Gingko—a useful tool for this sort of thing because it supports a multidimensional document structure. I also did a tiny bit of sketching on the interface itself, but we’re keeping it super simple. Alper meanwhile explored the best technologies to prototype with.

On Thursday I joined Erwin for a number of Skype calls with teenagers about KOKORO’s subject matter—what common causes of “hassle” are, how they deal with them, etc. We’re trying to involve the target audience in as many ways as possible in this project. Challenging, but enjoyable.

Last but not least, I processed the outcomes of our workshop with SodaProducties for project TEDASUKE into a sketch of a user journey. I headed over to them as well to review and amend the sketch. The next step will be to clean it up, deliver it, and move on to sketching of the product itself.

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