Week 307

Last week Kars was on something of a road show traveling the length of the Netherlands for projects old and new. At the same time I was in the studio working with technology.

Kars went to Tilburg to pitch successfully for further funding on SHIJIMI. Now that that cycle is closed we can move forward with actually designing stuff. Kars also created a user journey for TEDASUKE. I went over to a venture firm to see whether they need our services (it turns out they do).

We built a prototype conversational personal coach for KOKORO using Foundation. I briefly tried out Foundation for Apps but found it too complex and too sparsely documented for what it offers. For this prototype speed of development and being able to test the assumptions of the UI and the main loop are most important.

It was also nice to see Camparc featured over at Playscapes. Last week we discussed next steps for that project as well.

I went to an official Unity developers meetup held in Berlin on Thursday evening. It was interesting to see what direction Unity is developing into and what kind of people use it. The audience unfortunately was one of the least diverse I’ve seen at a tech event in ages. Given the fact that game development is so popular, the fact that only a certain type of people can get into it is profoundly unhealthy.

For SHACHI we are getting the new director of our first museum up to speed before we start the next sprint. That sprint will culminate in a release candidate that will run in the museum for some time.

Kars also attended a conference on automated game design organised by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. There were a bunch of projects that flowed from our associate Joris Dormans’s work on engineering emergence. We have been an industry partner of the project and have given input on the tools we use when designing games. We will be reporting back some findings from this project here later as well.

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