Week 309-310

It’s been a while since we fell off the weeknotes horse, but here we are. So let’s get down to it.

In week 309 we reviewed Q2’s OKRs, and discussed our plans for the future. Let me tell you, it isn’t easy being a boutique playful design agency. But we’re soldiering on.

The big project still on deck is Free Birds (previously referred to as Home Rule and SHACHI). This is an iOS game about freedom for families visiting war and resistance museums, for which we’re using iBeacons and a conversational interface.

We’re getting ready for another sprint so to that end I demo’d the game to our launching museum’s new director and also handed over the game’s copy and art for review. I also did some preliminary interaction design work on upcoming features, and groomed our backlog.

Meanwhile, Alper developed some software for testing a web API with which we’ll be integrating at some point.

Our remaining two current projects are shorter consulting engagements. For TEDASUKE I did some rough sketching of wireframes and reviewed them with the client. For KOKORO we reviewed the outcomes of the last playtest and drafted a plan for the next sprint, which I also reviewed with the client.

That leaves Bycatch. We had a call to catch up on things. I replied to a question from a player over at the game’s BoardGameGeek forum. And Lekha continued to work on an artist statement which should see the light of day soonish. Plus, she dropped off a bunch of copies at NYC’s Compleat Strategist, a very cool shop to be carried by.

Alper was ill for most of week 310, but I’m happy to report he’s feeling better now. So bring on week 311!

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