Week 313

The big one this week as in the weeks before was Free Birds. After a suitable amount of UI wrangling, bug hunting (and squashing) we delivered the first public beta on schedule at the end of the week. It is now playable in Airborne Museum. I am super proud of what the team has achieved, and I look forward to hearing what visitors make of it. Meanwhile, we will start planning work on the next release.

Another notable event was XOXO’s announcement that Bycatch is part of their Tabletop selection. (A huge honor!) This lead to us being Boing Boing-ed, and with that, the Twitter floodgates opened…

People tend to respond strongly to our little card game. Many “get it” and support our efforts, which is great.

Some come at it from a traditional boardgaming frame of mind and seem to have a hard time with the notion of ethical play. For a great counterexample, check out this redditor’s comment on Tom Vasel’s merciless review.

Still others dislike us using a game to discuss the topic of drone warfare, possibly because in their eyes it trivializes a serious subject matter. Here’s an (admittedly extreme) example of the latter case:

Thankfully, some people whose work in art, games and activism we hold in the highest regard were kind enough to support us:

So yeah, Bycatch is making some waves, which is great. By the end of the week Alper (who is taking care of fulfilment) had a considerable amount of orders to put in the mail.

On to the remaining projects. For TEDASUKE Simon delivered a first round of mockups which we got reviewed by the clients. They seem to be happy with the direction so it looks like we will be able to deliver a second and final round next week.

I also did some reading up on agile planning and estimating for a final bit of work we’ll do TEDASUKE, which consists of a preliminary spec and budget.

For KOKORO I did some more preliminary design work in preparation for some more intensive work on a second prototype together with Alper in the week to come.

One more thing of note: Alper provided an introductory talk for the screening of Free to Play (a recommended documentary on esports) at the lovely Game Science Center.

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