Week 315

Last week once again was very much a heads down kind of week. Alper more or less exclusively worked on Free Birds. We also talked to the client about the next phase of the project, which kicks in after we finish this sprint, and involves scaling up to multiple museums. Furthermore, we prepared a bug fix release, and we received a first batch of surveys from players of the Airborne Museum beta, which were largely positive.

On the Bycatch front, I taught around 30 people how to play the game at a Hacking Habitat event. People seemed to enjoy it, and much discussion happened during and after playing the game, which was a lot of fun to see happen.

People playing Bycatch at Hacking Habitat Life-Hack Marathon #3 'How to Cross Borders'

On to the remaining smaller consulting engagements. For SHIJIMI I attended a pitch for the production of the concept we helped develop. For TEDASUKE I drafted a spec for the product we’ve helped envision in an agile manner, by whipping up a list of user stories. And finally, for KOKORO, I tied up a few loose ends left over from the previous week’s delivery.

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