Week 317

A quiet week for once, now that we have wrapped up most of the current projects on deck. The slower pace took some getting used to even though it is a welcome change from the constant pressure of the past few months.

On the Free Birds front, we made some final fixes to the build we finished the week before. The client came over to the studio for a sprint review which went very smoothly. Later in the week the team convened for a retrospective which once again yielded some useful learnings to apply to our process in sprints to come. By the end of the week we had groomed our backlog a bit so that we are all ready for the next and final phase of the project.

For Bycatch, we prepared a newsletter to be sent out soon (sign up here). We talked to Lekha about her experiences at XOXO. The game was a big success at the tabletop event. We also fulfilled some more orders and I took some time to make our website favicon retina with thanks to Mr. Gruber.

Alper made use of the downtime to do some work on a next release of Cuppings which I’m told will drop soon. He also had Lorenzo over for a sneak preview of his talk on Japanese minigames.

Lorenzo Pilia talking about Japanese minigames

Finally, Alper put some words together on his blog about conversational user interfaces, a trend we’ve been following and also applying to some recent projects, including KOKORO and Free Birds.

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