Week 318

Let’s start at the end. On Thursday and Friday I participated in a two-day workshop on the future of energy at FreedomLab. Meanwhile, Alper moved apartments. I learned a lot about the nuts and bolts of our energy system and came away optimistic about the switch to renewables. Alper learned a lot about how to get a washing machine down a flight of stairs.

Earlier in the week I attended the first of a series of co-creation sessions organised by State of Flux, aimed at developing a new temporary program for the Buikslotermeerplein area in Amsterdam Noord. I was there to observe their process. Once all the sessions have finished we will develop a concept for a translation of this process to a tabletop game, the aim of which is to enable others to reprogram the public spaces they make use of everyday without expert help. This is project HENDO.

On the Free Birds front we prepared the latest release for distribution to the Airborne Museum. The game now allows players to share game content to Museumkids and we had to make sure it also works with that website’s live environment. Meanwhile, Alper spent some time researching how best to go about implementing a future improvement to the game’s chat user interface.

On to our side projects: We sent out a Bycatch newsletter to customers and subscribers. (Sign up here to receive the next one.) For Cuppings, Alper and Simon made a list of final things to fix for the next big release.

Over the weekend I headed over to Ianus to lend a hand with his annual apple harvest and Alper had coffee and beers with @neb and friends.

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