Week 320

This week was a change of pace from the few quiet ones preceding it: plenty of meetings, work sessions and events with project work picking up again as well.

On Tuesday, I headed to Nijmegen to close off project KOKORO with the client. KOKORO is a digital coach for adolescent mental health. We reviewed the final version of the prototype we created and made note of ideas it sparked for fututure product development. We also discussed what good next steps might be for the client, who are keen to take our direction and push it further.

Later that day I headed to the Buikslotermeer area of Amsterdam Noord to be present as an observer at the second State of Flux co-creation session. As usual it was a pleasure to be surrounded by a hugely diverse group of people all intent on improving their own neighbourhood. And once again we were served amazing food cooked by locals (Surinamese-Javanese in this case).

Second State of Flux co-creation session in Buikslotermeer, Amsterdam Noord

Meanwhile Alper attended Talk & Play to meet Luke Crane of Burning Wheel fame and to play his game Mouse Guard: Swords & Strongholds. Luke is also head of games at Kickstarter and has selflessly championed Bycatch in the US tabletop gaming scene, so it was a real pleasure to see him.

This week we also kicked off the first sprint of the third and final phase of Free Birds’ development. Free Birds is a museum game about civil rights. This sprint is mainly focused on getting a release candidate in shape, which includes making adjustments to the app so that it can be used in multiple museums simultaneously.

Thursday was another busy day. I participated in a workshop at FreedomLab aimed at developing a concept for a serious game about corporate social responsibility. That same evening, I headed to Pakhuis de Zwijger to deliver a talk at the event ‘New Planning Methods’, which I subsequently wrote up.

Placard 'WHO OWNS THE CITY?' at Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

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