Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 324-325

Rolling two weeks into one for these notes, ‘because reasons.’

We completed what is officially the last sprint on Free Birds, getting everything in ship shape. We now have a ‘gold master’ sitting ready for release, which will happen at the client’s earliest convenience.

On project HENDO, we mapped State of Flux‘s current process so that we have a common point of reference. Once we get this wrapped up we can move on to the next step, which is translating this process map into game mechanics.

A new small consultancy gig (codenamed NAMI) took off as well. I am helping out Tinker Imagineers with design concepts for an onboarding game app they are making for a company in the semiconductor industry. It’s mostly me dropping by their studio a few times a week to go over their progress and offer insights from my experience making similar things.

I published my write-up of a short lecture on how to shift the conversation from gamification to playful design.

And finally, Alper received good news with regards to his Interaction 16 proposal. He’ll be in Helsinki in the new year to share his experiences prototyping and building conversational user interfaces.

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