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Week 331

Hope you had a lovely Christmas. Due to the holidays this was a very short week for us. Alper continued to put the final touches on an upcoming release of Cuppings. He also fulfilled some more Bycatch orders. Other than this we took care of some end-of-the-year administrative stuff and that’s about it. Have a […]

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Week 278-280

HNY! Well, we have three weeks worth of notes to catch up on. Week 278 got stuck in the mail because I was a bit too eager to dive into my Christmas holiday. Week 279 and 280 were uneventful, as is to be expected this time of year. Let’s get into it. I wrapped up […]

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Goat rodeo, issue games, and Bycatch

When Subalekha was presenting Bycatch at Playful back in October 2014, at some point Ian Willey tweeted the following: I was intrigued by the expression “goat rodeo” and immediately looked it up. It turns out Ian wasn’t referring to games about chasing goats with lassos. In stead, he’s talking about situations that I tend to […]

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Week 231

Last week both Alper and I were almost fully occupied with wrapping up CHUTORO. On Monday, I built a deck of slides providing a rationale for the design while Alper put the finishing touches on the prototype. On Tuesday, we both traveled to Karlsruhe. I read a lot of Metaphors We Live By. I believe […]

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