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Week 307

Last week Kars was on something of a road show traveling the length of the Netherlands for projects old and new. At the same time I was in the studio working with technology. Kars went to Tilburg to pitch successfully for further funding on SHIJIMI. Now that that cycle is closed we can move forward […]

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Slack’s emoji reactions are playful product design in action

Last week Slack launched their Emoji reactions feature. This allows you to attach emoji to a message and for others to chime in and vote for an emoji or add their own. I am very excited by this for a number of reasons. We use Slack fairly heavily. We have channels for specific projects and […]

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Week 305

I was in the Netherlands all of last week for some joint work with Kars. I hope to be stationary in Berlin for a bit now since all the back and forth does get a bit tiring and we have lots of studio work to chew on ahead of us. Kars gave a demo of […]

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Week 303

Last week Kars talked with the Airborne Museum about the upcoming playtest for SHACHI and also demoed our progress to the client. We are planning a minor polish sprint while we wait for that playtest. Kars also attended the Hacking Habitat life-hack marathon about debt and facilitated a session of Playing with Rules for a […]

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Week 301

Last week I processed the last of the media attention for Bycatch. We now have a fairly handsome list of praise in various languages at the top of the page (check it out!) with Kotaku, Killscreen, Deutschlandradio Kultur, WIRED, NOS and Bright. We might add one or two more to that but with that it’s […]

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Week 300

Last week we were mostly concerned with capturing the press attention the launch of Bycatch netted us. You can see most of the attention posted over at the official website but we were happy to read things written on WIRED, Kotaku, NOS, Control-Online among other places. Not to mention the stuff still in various pipelines. […]

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Week 299

Last week I was in the Netherlands to participate in a pitch meeting in Tilburg. The rest of the week I worked at the Utrecht studio in Kars’s absence, took some meetings and coincidentally caught up with a bunch of friends. I went over to SodaProducties to talk over a bit of invention we will […]

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Week 298

Last week I prepared and gave a talk at Republica and spent some time at the festival after work. Republica sort of is the German SxSW and brings people from all over to Berlin for a couple of days. I caught up with lots people and spoke to some reporters as well. That week being […]

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Week 296

I was in the Netherlands last week to finish the first beta of SHACHI. The three of us (Kars, myself and Hedgefield) went to the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek on Wednesday to playtest it. Playtests are absolutely essential to validate both for us and our clients that what we are doing is going in the […]

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Week 293

Last week Kars did lots of work on BANKEN creating among other things a prototype in Marvel of the interactive video. Based on preliminary results that seems to be consolidating the design for the project. Kars briefed the people from Hacking Habitat how they can run our workshop format Playing with Rules at their first […]

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