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Week 290

We fin­ished sprints on two pro­jects this week. For Camparc Mark II, Aldo and Arnaud pushed hard to get a release can­did­ate ready. Lots of hard­ware tweaks were made and devel­op­ment on the Oculus Rift soft­ware was done. In the mean­time I focused on some final pro­duc­tion details, such as mak­ing sure we have plenty of […]

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Highlights from Play Matters

In my review of Play Matters I talked about why I think it is a must-read for any designer. I thought I’d fol­low that up with some high­lights from the book. These are mostly from the first two chapters. Miguel first talks about what play is. He offers a min­imal defin­i­tion which states that play is […]

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Week 288

I was joined by Alper in the Utrecht stu­dio again this week. With all that’s going on in NL at the moment it’s nice to have him on site a little more fre­quently. One of the things we did was start the second sprint on SHACHI. Alper and Tim worked together on the alpha version […]

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Play Matters

When Miguel Sicart’s Play Matters was pub­lished in August of last year it imme­di­ately went on my to-read list but it took me a while before pick­ing it up. When I did I was imme­di­ately hooked. Not since The Well-Played Game have a I come across such a thought­ful treat­ment of play. Play Matters is also […]

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Week 286

We made some good pro­gress on sev­eral pro­jects this week. The big one is Home Rule. Alper and I kicked it off with some plan­ning for the next two weeks. Then we imme­di­ately star­ted crack­ing on things. Alper got a pro­to­typ­ing setup in Unity up and run­ning, includ­ing iBeacons integ­ra­tion, and pro­ceeded to do some […]

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An Outline of Playful Design

In the sum­mer of last year we announced a new dir­ec­tion for the stu­dio, which boils down to us no longer fram­ing our work as game design, but as play­ful design. We are inter­ested in design­ing a wide range of playthings, and we are also inter­ested in design­ing things that aren’t primar­ily meant for play […]

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Week 284

A large chunk of my time this week was taken up with con­trib­ut­ing to E-Motive Day, a con­fer­ence organ­ised by an inter­na­tional net­work of organ­isa­tions work­ing on social change of vari­ous kinds. We were asked to demo Standing, and talk about our per­spect­ive on play­ful design for act­iv­ism. People said nice things about both and […]

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Week 282

A large part of this week was taken up by our annual OKR review and sub­sequent reori­ent­a­tion of OKRs for 2015. An intens­ive exer­cise, but ser­i­ously worth it. The tech­nique helps us build learn­ing into our tiny organ­isa­tion, and that’s very valu­able. We’ll share some out­comes of this review in a sep­ar­ate blog post soonish. […]

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Week 281

To make the most of the first full work­week of the new year Alper arrived from Berlin to work with me at the Utrecht stu­dio on a num­ber of things. We kicked off our second pro­ject with KLM on Wednesday. I went over to “build­ing 600″ on Schiphol Noord to share our pre­lim­in­ary ideas for […]

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Week 275

We were plenty busy this week, but much of it was “behind the screens” kind of stuff. So I will keep these notes short, for a change. Alper had a bunch of meet­ings, ran another Game Designers Anonymous, did some devel­op­ment on Standing, and planned mar­ket­ing of Bycatch. Kars also had his fair share of […]

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