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Week 319

Not much to report this week. For Free Birds we made plans for the next sprint, writ­ing user stor­ies and groom­ing our back­log. We hope to start the work on this soon. For TEDASUKE I had a final meet­ing with our cli­ent SodaProducties and talked through their next steps with them, in par­tic­u­lar what to look out […]

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Making Camparc

This is a writeup of how we went about mak­ing Camparc, a pan­or­amic cam­era ball. The story starts in July 2014 when STRP asks us to make a pub­lic space game for a ‘scene’ — one of the events lead­ing up to their 2015 bien­nial. They were look­ing for some­thing eye-catching, access­ible to a broad audience, […]

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Week 318

Let’s start at the end. On Thursday and Friday I par­ti­cip­ated in a two-day work­shop on the future of energy at FreedomLab. Meanwhile, Alper moved apart­ments. I learned a lot about the nuts and bolts of our energy sys­tem and came away optim­istic about the switch to renew­ables. Alper learned a lot about how to […]

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Week 317

A quiet week for once, now that we have wrapped up most of the cur­rent pro­jects on deck. The slower pace took some get­ting used to even though it is a wel­come change from the con­stant pres­sure of the past few months. On the Free Birds front, we made some final fixes to the build […]

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Week 316

Another week largely taken up by Free Birds. The whole team (Alper, Tim, Niels and myself) worked together on fin­ish­ing another release, which we did with only a small bit of over­time on Friday. With each sprint we learn more about the intric­a­cies of Unity’s UI sys­tem. We also delivered a spec and a budget […]

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Week 315

Last week once again was very much a heads down kind of week. Alper more or less exclus­ively worked on Free Birds. We also talked to the cli­ent about the next phase of the pro­ject, which kicks in after we fin­ish this sprint, and involves scal­ing up to mul­tiple museums. Furthermore, we pre­pared a bug […]

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Week 314

This week’s big pro­ject was fin­ish­ing a second ver­sion of the KOKORO pro­to­type. Alper and I spent a couple of days writ­ing javas­cript, html and sass, as well as good old copy. By Friday we had man­aged to com­plete most of the items in our back­log, and were quite sat­is­fied with the res­ult. Next up […]

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Week 313

The big one this week as in the weeks before was Free Birds. After a suit­able amount of UI wrangling, bug hunt­ing (and squash­ing) we delivered the first pub­lic beta on sched­ule at the end of the week. It is now play­able in Airborne Museum. I am super proud of what the team has achieved, […]

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Week 312

The big focus this week was once again Free Birds, our iBeacon-enabled museum game app for fam­il­ies, about free­dom. Alper con­tin­ued devel­op­ment, Tim worked on art and UI, and I did a lot of build­ing and test­ing, and production-type stuff. On TEDASUKE, I got everything ready for brief­ing Simon on Friday, who will help us […]

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Week 311

The big thing this week was the start of a new sprint on Free Birds. Niels and Tim joined us again for copy and art respect­ively, while Alper donned his developer hat, and I switched between my pro­du­cer, agile coach, and designer roles. There’s a lot to do, as usual, but we’ve made good progress. […]

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