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Week 282

A large part of this week was taken up by our annual OKR review and sub­sequent reori­ent­a­tion of OKRs for 2015. An intens­ive exer­cise, but ser­i­ously worth it. The tech­nique helps us build learn­ing into our tiny organ­isa­tion, and that’s very valu­able. We’ll share some out­comes of this review in a sep­ar­ate blog post soonish. […]

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Week 281

To make the most of the first full work­week of the new year Alper arrived from Berlin to work with me at the Utrecht stu­dio on a num­ber of things. We kicked off our second pro­ject with KLM on Wednesday. I went over to “build­ing 600″ on Schiphol Noord to share our pre­lim­in­ary ideas for […]

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Week 275

We were plenty busy this week, but much of it was “behind the screens” kind of stuff. So I will keep these notes short, for a change. Alper had a bunch of meet­ings, ran another Game Designers Anonymous, did some devel­op­ment on Standing, and planned mar­ket­ing of Bycatch. Kars also had his fair share of […]

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Week 274

At the start of this week Alper was still in NYC after enjoy­ing another excel­lent edi­tion of PRACTICE. He did some work on Bycatch with Subalekha and oth­er­wise enjoyed the city before head­ing back to Europe on Tuesday. While he was mak­ing the cross­ing, I par­ti­cip­ated in the first Tegenlicht meetup in Utrecht. We watched […]

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Week 270

My week star­ted with the second day of the Asia-Europe Culture Ministers Meeting (ASEM)‘s work­shop on play­ful cit­ies. It was a huge pleas­ure spend­ing two days with tal­en­ted peers from Europe, many of whom’s work I admire greatly. It was equally great to meet Asian prac­ti­tion­ers and hear about the big dif­fer­ences in their local […]

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Week 268

After a false start on Monday due to a linger­ing head cold I was back in action on Tuesday. We made good pro­gress this week on KUMA (our pro­ject with KLM on game-based learn­ing) and on Bycatch (our card game about drones sur­veil­lance and remote war­fare). Let’s start with KUMA. We pro­cessed the out­comes of […]

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Week 264

The delayed arrival of these notes should tell you some­thing about what kind of week last week was: busy. For me, it was all about deliv­er­ing and run­ning Camparc. We’ll write more about it soon and are also sift­ing through our copi­ous pho­tos and videos. For now, suf­fice to say we had a more or less […]

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Week 262

This week I was joined in Utrecht by Alper who had just returned from his hol­i­day in the Austrian Alps. Most of our time was spent on Camparc again. Aldo star­ted work on the four balls we’ll need for the main event. Alper assisted him with soft­ware devel­op­ment to get the video streams from the […]

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Come play Camparc


You’re invited to come play our latest game Camparc at the Strijp-S open day on September 14 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Camparc is a pan­or­amic cam­era ball play­ground. It is com­mis­sioned by art and tech­no­logy fest­ival STRP. At the event you’ll be able to play with sev­eral man-size pan­or­amic cam­era balls in the Strijp-S area […]

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Week 260

This was the first week after my hol­i­day so I spent Monday mostly just get­ting back into things. A pro­cess that used to be quite pain­ful but ever since we mostly run on a com­bin­a­tion of Asana and Slack it is much easier to get a sense of what has happened and what needs to […]

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