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Week 326

The big thing this week was us fin­ish­ing the gold mas­ter release for Free Birds and review­ing it with our cli­ent, the Dutch Museums Association. Barring a few final small fixes we are ready to sub­mit to Apple after which it’s fin­gers crossed. For pro­ject HENDO I headed over to Amsterdam for the first workshop […]

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Week 324–325

Rolling two weeks into one for these notes, ‘because reas­ons.’ We com­pleted what is offi­cially the last sprint on Free Birds, get­ting everything in ship shape. We now have a ‘gold mas­ter’ sit­ting ready for release, which will hap­pen at the client’s earli­est con­veni­ence. On pro­ject HENDO, we mapped State of Flux’s cur­rent pro­cess so […]

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Shifting from Gamification to Playful Design

This is a lightly edited tran­script of a short lec­ture I delivered some time ago at an off-site gath­er­ing organ­ized by one of NL’s largest construction-services busi­nesses. The event explored the poten­tial of games, game design and gami­fic­a­tion for prop­erty devel­op­ment and con­struc­tion. This talk cre­ates a com­mon frame of under­stand­ing about gami­fic­a­tion and why […]

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Week 323

This was an import­ant week for Free Birds. We reviewed the latest sprint with the cli­ent and sub­sequently released the release can­did­ate (I know!). Only one more sprint to go before we can “go gold”. We also planned this next and final sprint and received a green light soon after. Meanwhile we made a care­ful start […]

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Playful Design for Activism’ at E-Motive Day 2015

At the start of this year I was invited to demo Standing and to speak at E-Motive Day, a join­ing of innov­at­ive civil soci­ety organ­isa­tions inter­ested in (as they put it) North-South exchanges. In my lec­ture I talked about how Standing works and why it is inter­est­ing for civil soci­ety organ­isa­tions (or NGOs). I also […]

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Week 322

Another simple week in terms of stuff going on. We devoted the vast major­ity of our time to Free Birds, put­ting the fin­ish­ing touches on the release can­did­ate. We’re get­ting really close to the fin­ish line now and its a pleas­ure to be able to tune and tweak things to make them just right. I also demoed […]

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Week 321

This week we had our heads down and kept mak­ing good pro­gress in the Free Birds release can­did­ate. Alper wrote code more or less the whole week and I split my time between sketch­ing user inter­faces and map­ping out what parts of the app need to be loc­al­ised for each museum which decides to adopt […]

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Week 320

This week was a change of pace from the few quiet ones pre­ced­ing it: plenty of meet­ings, work ses­sions and events with pro­ject work pick­ing up again as well. On Tuesday, I headed to Nijmegen to close off pro­ject KOKORO with the cli­ent. KOKORO is a digital coach for adoles­cent men­tal health. We reviewed the final […]

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New Planning Methods

This is a writeup of my talk at the event ‘Nieuwe Planningsmethoden’ (‘New Planning Methods’) in Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam on October 8, 2015. Hello. My name is Kars Alfrink. I am a designer and part­ner at Hubbub, a small play­ful design agency, based in Utrecht and Berlin. Hubbub helps organ­isa­tions do things with games, play […]

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Week 319

Not much to report this week. For Free Birds we made plans for the next sprint, writ­ing user stor­ies and groom­ing our back­log. We hope to start the work on this soon. For TEDASUKE I had a final meet­ing with our cli­ent SodaProducties and talked through their next steps with them, in par­tic­u­lar what to look out […]

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