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Project TEDASUKE – a self-development and self-organisation tool for volunteer children’s book readers

VoorleesExpress is a project by social innovation agency SodaProducties. Volunteers read books to children in need of extra help learning the Dutch language. The project is a huge success. It operates in 100 municipalities, employs 4000 volunteers who read 3700 families annually. In the summer of 2015 we worked with SodaProducties to develop a design […]

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Engaging sleep mode

First of all, best wishes for the new year. Before looking ahead, a quick look back. 2015 was great for us. In our end-of-year review of 2014 we said we wanted to balance creative success with more commercial success. And we did. Business was good in 2015. We did much more consulting compared to the […]

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Week 330

With the big push I reported on last week behind us, we took it easy in week 330. Alper took some time off and headed to Amsterdam where he checked out some new spots for Cuppings. He also continued to take care of Bycatch fulfilment. I finished our work with State of Flux on project […]

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Week 327, 328 and 329

It’s been quiet around here due to a big push on wrapping up our current client engagements before the end of the year. Most of our time was spent on HENDO. I headed over to Berlin to spend a few days with Alper in the same room, filling whiteboards as we worked towards a design […]

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Week 326

The big thing this week was us finishing the gold master release for Free Birds and reviewing it with our client, the Dutch Museums Association. Barring a few final small fixes we are ready to submit to Apple after which it’s fingers crossed. For project HENDO I headed over to Amsterdam for the first workshop […]

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Week 324-325

Rolling two weeks into one for these notes, ‘because reasons.’ We completed what is officially the last sprint on Free Birds, getting everything in ship shape. We now have a ‘gold master’ sitting ready for release, which will happen at the client’s earliest convenience. On project HENDO, we mapped State of Flux‘s current process so […]

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Shifting from Gamification to Playful Design

This is a lightly edited transcript of a short lecture I delivered some time ago at an off-site gathering organized by one of NL’s largest construction-services businesses. The event explored the potential of games, game design and gamification for property development and construction. This talk creates a common frame of understanding about gamification and why […]

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Week 323

This was an important week for Free Birds. We reviewed the latest sprint with the client and subsequently released the release candidate (I know!). Only one more sprint to go before we can “go gold”. We also planned this next and final sprint and received a green light soon after. Meanwhile we made a careful […]

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‘Playful Design for Activism’ at E-Motive Day 2015

At the start of this year I was invited to demo Standing and to speak at E-Motive Day, a joining of innovative civil society organisations interested in (as they put it) North-South exchanges. In my lecture I talked about how Standing works and why it is interesting for civil society organisations (or NGOs). I also […]

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Week 322

Another simple week in terms of stuff going on. We devoted the vast majority of our time to Free Birds, putting the finishing touches on the release candidate. We’re getting really close to the finish line now and its a pleasure to be able to tune and tweak things to make them just right. I […]

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