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Two junior agents, signing off

For the past 4 months, a whoopin’ 1.253 hours (divided amongst the both of us, mind you), we have been broadcasting to you live from the Hubbub studio, bringing you the beez neez of top design in pervasive gaming and experiential learning. It might not always have been quite clear to you what exactly it […]

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Learning Lab metagame work in progress

We have entered a new phase in the Learning Lab project. We started off by making games to elicit experiences which could lead to certain insights. These kinds of games are usually called “serious games”, though we kind of dislike the term as it contains something of a contradiction: having fun while being serious. In […]

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Much obliged, +1 banana

The past two months we’ve been designing applied games for an honors course called the Learning Lab. The games are designed to offer a structure in which things are learned through play and reflection. That’s the idea, anyway. Another thing that supports this reflection is a portal where all students have a blog that is […]

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Assumption is the mother of all…

So game number two. What was this game supposed to be about? What kind of game could we design to take our students to the next level? What was our next role? Looking at game #1, the big pinup board game, one of the main things the students were doing was making assumptions about basically […]

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One thousand blank white cards

The Learning Lab is a course. And so like any other course, there’s a set time during the week where everyone comes together to learn. Usually there’s a certain focus during these ‘lessons’. This week’s focus was rules and play. Something one could say we, as aspiring game designers, are familiar with. And so for […]

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