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Designing Gamification in Paris

Tomorrow I’ll be off to Paris for the Designing Gamification workshop at this year’s ACM SIGCHI event. I’m looking forward to contributing our experience as practitioners making games to the workshop. We think that it would be fantastic if efforts at gamification were led by actual game designers. I also hope that this (along with […]

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Playtest our game, play some boardgames

Do you love some good old teamwork in your game? Hubbub is working on a new cooperative multiplayer game and we’re looking for playtesters. Come to our upcoming test session at the Subcultures game night in the Dutch Game Garden, this Thursday, April 18, between 18:00 and 21:00. Not only can you play our game, […]

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Join us in Utrecht for FRIDAYS AT 7

So it’s time for a new thing, something that will possibly turn into a irregularly recurring get-together for friends of the studio. We’ve borrowed the name—FRIDAYS AT 7—from the drinks Urbanscale organizes in NYC. With permission, of course, as can be told from this exchange on Twitter: @kaeru Do what thou wilt shall be the […]

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Upcoming public appearances

Hey everyone, we have a number of events where we’ll be talking or showing things or running games. I thought I’d list them here for your convenience. First off, Alper will give a sneak peak of Beestenbende (project Saba) to developers at the Berlin iOS User Group. That’s tonight so you might read this too […]

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Kars speaking at several upcoming events

There’s a number of upcoming events in the Netherlands and abroad that I’ll be speaking at. Here’s a quick rundown. The first one is short notice: this weekend I will be in Helsinki for Virtueel Platform’s Dutch E-culture Days at the World Design Capital Pavilion. I will be talking about PLAY Pilots, and specifically the […]

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Play some of our fave games at Tweetakt

I’ve blogged about Tweetakt before but now that construction of the festival pavilion is happening outside our studio windows I feel I should post a reminder. So this Friday, Tweetakt Festival opens. I’ve selected a number of games that will be playable for free at the pavilion for the full 10 days of the festival. […]

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Games for Tweetakt 2012 announced

Today the program for the 2012 edition of Tweetakt Festival has gone live. I just wanted to draw your attention to the great games I selected to be put on display at the main festival pavilion: Fingle by Game Oven; like Twister for your fingers with a Barry White feel. Hokra by Ramiro Corbetta; two-versus-two […]

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Talks lined up for the start of 2012

First of all, if you’re reading this, may 2012 bring peace, happiness and good fortune for you and your loved ones. I have a number of talks both short and long lined up for the first few months of this year. Let me run them down for you: I’ll present a talk titled ‘The Game […]

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Catch us at NPOX, PICNIC or Playgrounds

I’ll be involved with a few more interesting events, so here’s a quick rundown. I’ll be participating in a panel on gamification at NPOX, the annual conference for creatives of the Dutch public broadcasting services. I’ll talk about PLAY Pilots, and offer my perspective on a case submitted by the audience. At PICNIC, I’ll contribute […]

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Speaking about Code 4 at Think Design Play, the DiGRA conference

This year the DiGRA conference will take place 14-17 september in Hilversum, the Netherlands. My alma mater, the Utrecht School of the Arts, is hosting. We couldn’t resist submitting a practice paper on Code 4, the game we made for the Dutch Tax Administration.1 It got accepted, so I’m speaking. The program is packed with […]

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