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Project KUMA – a learning and recruitment game for KLM Care Team volunteers

During the second half of 2014 and the first half of 2015 we worked on a project codenamed KUMA. We helped KLM Business Campus understand and explore the potential of game-based learning for the purposes of recruiting and training KLM Care Team volunteers. Care Team supports victims and their next of kin in the case […]

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‘The Strange Things People Play’ at the Hide&Seek Weekender Conference

Here’s the blog post version of what I talked about at Playing in Public, the Hide&Seek Weekender Conference. It’s titled The Strange Things People Play, which was an oblique reference to this passage from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: “I know that astrology isn’t a science,” said Gail. “Of course it isn’t. It’s just […]

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Speaking about Code 4 at Think Design Play, the DiGRA conference

This year the DiGRA conference will take place 14-17 september in Hilversum, the Netherlands. My alma mater, the Utrecht School of the Arts, is hosting. We couldn’t resist submitting a practice paper on Code 4, the game we made for the Dutch Tax Administration.1 It got accepted, so I’m speaking. The program is packed with […]

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From the trenches of project Maguro, part 3

Project Maguro is finished and on this Monday, we’re doing a quick evaluation. Entering the war room provides us with an interesting sensation. It’s as if we can still smell the gun powder. Hear explosions faintly, in the distance – but only when listening intently. Sitting down, it feels like we’re expected to start crunching […]

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Talking about Code 4 at Chi Sparks

Our longtime collaborator Alper Çuğun will be at Chi Nederland’s bi-annual conference to talk about Code 4 (formerly referred to as Maguro). Code 4 is a pervasive game we created for the Dutch Tax Administration with the aim of igniting organizational change. Chi Sparks is a conference that focusses on “the very important contributions that […]

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Slides and notes for ‘Fevered’ at Mob Fest: Thinking Mobile

After speaking at an Ignite a while ago I returned to Mediamatic’s wonderful Arcade exhibition last week. I was asked to present at the first evening of Mob Fest, a 3-day mini festival on mobile games in the broadest sense of the word. Below are my slides and notes for the talk. The evening was […]

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From the trenches of project Maguro, part 2

We’ve hit upon a bug, and it’s a showstopper. Somewhere in the country, at the offices of a large governmental organisation, 48 individuals are playing the pilot of Project Maguro, which I last wrote about two months ago. The players are trading goods on our game’s website, and somehow they’ve fulfilled all of today’s orders. […]

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From the trenches of project Maguro

Lounge music. A miniature disco light device spins in the middle of two adjacent desks, casting colourful spots on its surroundings. People are typing, clicking away. Intense stares at laptop screens. Nobody is making any coffee. Things seem to be getting busier at the Hubbub headquarters. Not that I know much about the usual goings-on […]

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Learning Lab metagame work in progress

We have entered a new phase in the Learning Lab project. We started off by making games to elicit experiences which could lead to certain insights. These kinds of games are usually called “serious games”, though we kind of dislike the term as it contains something of a contradiction: having fun while being serious. In […]

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Much obliged, +1 banana

The past two months we’ve been designing applied games for an honors course called the Learning Lab. The games are designed to offer a structure in which things are learned through play and reflection. That’s the idea, anyway. Another thing that supports this reflection is a portal where all students have a blog that is […]

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