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Week 320

This week was a change of pace from the few quiet ones preceding it: plenty of meetings, work sessions and events with project work picking up again as well. On Tuesday, I headed to Nijmegen to close off project KOKORO with the client. KOKORO is a digital coach for adolescent mental health. We reviewed the […]

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New Planning Methods

This is a writeup of my talk at the event ‘Nieuwe Planningsmethoden‘ (‘New Planning Methods’) in Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam on October 8, 2015. Hello. My name is Kars Alfrink. I am a designer and partner at Hubbub, a small playful design agency, based in Utrecht and Berlin. Hubbub helps organisations do things with games, […]

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The Gameful City, a preview of my chapter for The Gameful World

This year, MIT Press will publish The Gameful World, a book edited by Steffen P. Walz and Sebastian Deterding to which I’ve contributed a chapter. The book will cover approaches in gameful and playful design, how it can be applied to a range of fields and its common issues. For example, Ian Bogost will expand […]

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Q&A with Studio Papaver about their collective intelligence game for population shrinkage

Anne and Zineb of Studio Papaver got in touch with me towards the end of last year, asking if I would advise them on a project they were starting at the Studio for Unsolicited Architecture. They were working on the problem of population shrinkage, and they were thinking of making a game. Architects making games—as […]

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Six games about architecture

I went looking for a few recent examples of games that deal with architectural themes in some way. I pulled these mostly from a few of the major street games festivals that are out there, such as Come Out & Play, Hide & Seek, Igfest and You Are GO! Just from this small sample size […]

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Pools connected to playgrounds

I am preoccupied by the ways play and games connect to the physical form of cities. Here’s one way to look at it: architects are influenced by the surprising new uses of existing constructions. For example, there’s a connection between a swimming pool like this one… Photo (cc) Mallix …and this playground designed by Carve […]

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“New ideas must use old buildings”

The other day I had dinner at a radio-station that was turned into a restaurant. My favorite events venue in Amsterdam used to be a printing press. And friends of mine are turning a massive sports hall into creative work spaces. The uses buildings were intended for, and what they’re actually used for, vary greatly. […]

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Slides and notes for ‘Limits of the Imaginable’ – a lecture on the future of applied game design

Last week I found myself in the gorgeous surroundings of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW) to talk about my views on the future of applied game design at an expert meeting organized by the Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT). I was one of four speakers, the others being David Shaffer, Jeroen […]

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Slides and notes for ‘The City Is My Games Console’ at CIID

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing an open lecture at CIID; the Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design. Below you’ll find a selection of the slides I used, plus a rough transcript of what I said.1 Not included is arguably the most fun part of the afternoon, which was a playtest of […]

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A few predictions for the future of urban games

On Wednesday 14 April I co-hosted the first Best Scene in Town workshop on invitation of Waag Society’s Ronald Lenz. The other co-host was The Mobile City‘s Martijn de Waal. Best Scene in Town is a design contest wherein participants are asked to create an urban game, narrative experience or tour using 7scenes; Waag Society’s […]

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