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Week 290

We finished sprints on two projects this week. For Camparc Mark II, Aldo and Arnaud pushed hard to get a release candidate ready. Lots of hardware tweaks were made and development on the Oculus Rift software was done. In the meantime I focused on some final production details, such as making sure we have plenty […]

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Week 259

I am getting back into things after a pleasant two weeks of holiday on Bali. Meanwhile Alper is heading to Austria for two weeks of hiking, camping and reading Piketty up in the mountains. Judging by the notes Alper has left me as well as the activity logs in Asana and Slack, things have been […]

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Playing with Rules workshop at Lift Conference Geneva 2014

We ran our “Playing with Rules” workshop at Lift Conference in Geneva earlier this year. We’d hosted it once before at Mozilla Festival and before that it was part of our consulting repertoire as an exercise for clients. Above is a video of the outcomes we had this time around. In the weeknotes I link […]

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Video of our Playing with Rules workshop at Mozilla Festival 2013

This October Kars and I were in London (see notes for that week) to do a workshop titled Playing with Rules at Mozilla Festival among many other things. We modified an exercise we had used previously in a workshop with Sebastian Deterding. The task is to take Parcheesi and modify it to address a social […]

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Playtest our game, play some boardgames

Do you love some good old teamwork in your game? Hubbub is working on a new cooperative multiplayer game and we’re looking for playtesters. Come to our upcoming test session at the Subcultures game night in the Dutch Game Garden, this Thursday, April 18, between 18:00 and 21:00. Not only can you play our game, […]

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