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Five Behaviour Design Principles You Never Suspected Would Work

A while ago, I was invited by friend-of-the-studio Iskander Smit to speak at a Behavior Design Amsterdam meetup. Much of our work is related to behaviour change, but we try to steer clear of the reductionist thinking that is quite prevalent in the field. So I decided to use the opportunity of presenting to a […]

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Week 248

Most of last week for all of us was spent on Standing, our app for playful activism which saw public release (announcement). Responses have been more than positive and we have had people standing from all over the world already. One of our biggest inspirations, Bernie De Koven called it an example of inactivism. We […]

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Week 237

On Monday I got several visits from friends, family and colleagues, all curious about my new workspace. It was enjoyable—we even played some Animal Upon Animal with Eelco’s kids—but not conducive to much productivity. I mainly did financial and administrative tasks. Alper, meanwhile, returned from a much-deserved long weekend relaxing (and drinking coffee) in Oslo. […]

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Week 232

Last week was a bit of an in between week for us preparing for some changes that will realign Hubbub in 2014. One such change is Kars moving his studio out of the Dutch Game Garden into a holding state before he moves into Vechtclub XL. Vechtclub and Vechtclub XL together are one of the […]

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Week 231

Last week both Alper and I were almost fully occupied with wrapping up CHUTORO. On Monday, I built a deck of slides providing a rationale for the design while Alper put the finishing touches on the prototype. On Tuesday, we both traveled to Karlsruhe. I read a lot of Metaphors We Live By. I believe […]

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Week 230

Last week went by pretty quickly and by now it turns out we are almost through this week already before I had a chance to write the weeknotes. In brief: we were fully engaged preparing deliverables for CHUTORO. Kars spent a lot of time knee deep in scientific models to further ground our design work. […]

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Week 229

This was was the first full workweek of the year, which meant it was time to review our work of 2013 and set goals for 2014. To this end, Alper traveled to Utrecht and on Monday we sat down and strategised. We’re still using Google’s OKR method, which continues to be a useful and relatively […]

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Week 228

So we’re back from break and managed to get some projects wrapped up just around the turn of the year which is a great way to start with a clean slate. I’m writing this from the Netherlands where I’m keeping touch with the motherland though I can’t wait to be back in Berlin. We wrote […]

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Week 226

These will be the final weeknotes for 2013. We’re putting the studio in stationary until January 6. The last proper workweek was a mean one though, let me tell you… On Monday, I was frantically sketching out scenarios for CHUTORO while Alper wrote up each concept. He did the same for KAZUNOKO. Alper has a […]

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Week 225

Last week was filled with high intensity ideation for which Kars was present at our Berlin outpost at KANT. We filled the week with hard work and refueled on the great food available near our studio on Oranienstraße. I visited the Berlin IoT meetup on Monday before picking up Kars from the airport. We spent […]

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