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Week 186

As is the natural rhythm of things, we’ve been wrapping up a number of projects last week, while others are picking up steam. On the wrapping-up front, I worked with Herman on preparing the slide deck for HIRAME’s final delivery. We put in some suggestions for a visual style, a proper game title, a premise—that […]

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Week 185

We’re hosting a run of Code 4 these weeks which is proving to be stimulating. All in all we’re rather happy how well the project is holding up. For a two year old codebase, it doesn’t show much visible signs of aging at all. For KAIGARA we got the team filled out according to our […]

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Week 184

Alper was asked to contribute some words on ‘gamification’ to TNW Magazine, which appeared the beginning of this week. With some amusement we took note of the other contributors to this piece. Let’s just say a diverse range of perspectives is covered. On Monday Alper and I worked on adapting Code 4 for play within […]

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Week 183

Kars started last week by giving a lecture to industrial design students at my alma mater. He walked students through Beestenbende and shared with them the finer points of interaction design for hybrid games. That week we also discussed next versions of Beestenbende with the Utrecht University Museum. We received this paper from a game […]

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Week 163

It’s already Wednesday so let me quickly share with you some of the things that happened last week. On Tuesday I jumped in a Greenwheels and did a little tour of the Netherlands. First stop was Apeldoorn for a talk about how we made Code 4. This was part of the annual Week of Inspiration, […]

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Week 155

We’re getting into the rhythm of things with Buta. Last week we had our first proper standup meeting. Although it’s hard to tell if there was any actual standing up. The team’s distributed, so we chatted over Skype. Anyway, these should now happen each week on Monday and will help us get to a playable […]

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A video of the Code 4 player experience

It’s not always easy communicating what the games we make feel like. Many of them take place as much off the screen as on, or employ no major visual media whatsoever. So there are no screenshots to post that would give you an impression of the player experience. This certainly applies to Code 4, the […]

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A look back on 2011

It’s almost time to close shop for the holidays so I thought I’d do a final post. Here’s a month-by-month look back at some of the major things that happened at Hubbub in 2011 with links to relevant posts and such in case you missed it the first time around. January – We start development […]

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A roundup of Code 4 publicity

We’ve been talking about Code 4 at various venues the past few months. So I thought I should collect the results from those events here, in case you’ve missed them the first time around. Code 4 is the large-scale game for organizational game we made for the Dutch Tax Administration in collaboration with Demovides and […]

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Things we’re working on (volume 3)

Four months have passed since the previous update on our projects so it’s about time for a new one. Curating a playful exhibition The lovely folk at Storm have asked me to return as curator of the playful-slash-interactive exhibition that will be part of youth theatre festival Tweetakt 2012. I did the one this year, […]

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