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Week 233

This week was all about Lift 14. Alper and I traveled to Geneva on Tuesday. We prepped our workshop at a local coworking spot and later at our apartment. The next morning, we ran Playing with Rules. We followed roughly the same format as at Mozilla Festival last year, slightly adjusted based on feedback from […]

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Week 221

So, hello from NYC. We’ll be here for a few more days before heading back to Utrecht and Berlin. After spending a week seeing the sights with my lovely wife, last week I moved to an apartment in the Lower East Side and started work on Beestenbende. Simon had designed the new UI in record […]

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Lessons from Knutepunkt 2013

Recently I traveled to Norway. Not because they still had snow there, but because Knutepunkt 2013 was in the land of lakes, fjords and good fish. Knutepunkt is an event that is hosted every year in a different Nordic country and serves as a get-together for the Nordic larp scene, full of talks, workshops, discussions […]

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Week 180

I had the pleasure of spending most of this week working at our Berlin studio face-to-face with Alper. A large part of our time was taken up with work on FURAPPA. We spent several sessions over the course of the week generating ideas. We’ll go over those next, pick the best ones and develop them […]

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Week 130

Work last week happened in the few days squeezed between my return from Berlin, where I participated in the Global Game Jam, and my trip to Dublin, to attend and speak at Interaction12. There was forward movement on Saba, with Karel making progress on the art style, and Hanne banging out a player scenario raising […]

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Making physical games at Playgrounds Festival

Over the years, I’ve run a variety of game design workshops, both standalone and as part of larger events.1 They’re typically aimed at creating simple, analog games that can be played inside or on the streets. I enjoy doing workshops because I get to see how others deal with the unique challenges of designing physical […]

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Occupy the future at Playful 2011

After making the many different creative industries out there take games seriously (and subsequently sort of regretting the consequences) Playful was back this year and decided to look towards the future. Ever since I presented there in 2008 this has probably been my favorite event of the year. So I returned after a much-regretted hiatus […]

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Speaking at dConstruct 2011

I am really pleased to be speaking at dConstruct this year. I’ve attended the conference myself several times and always enjoy the well-curated program and the good things offered by the event’s home, lovely Brighton. You’ll find the abstract I submitted below. Have a look at the conference site for the rest of the program […]

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Human desire in the cognitive city

As I write this I am on a train to Utrecht, the last leg of my journey home from Berlin. I was there for Cognitive Cities, a conference on urban computing, data visualization and related subjects. It’s been a hell of a weekend – a few minor flaws aside, the conference was great and I […]

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Looking back on a serious symposium

Last week the KNAW (Royal Dutch Academy of Science) organized a symposium on serious games. Something we’re dealing with a lot right now, so we checked it out. Here’s some thoughts on what was talked about: David Shaffer was the first speaker. He made an interesting point: In order to learn by playing, the player […]

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