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Engaging sleep mode

First of all, best wishes for the new year. Before looking ahead, a quick look back. 2015 was great for us. In our end-of-year review of 2014 we said we wanted to balance creative success with more commercial success. And we did. Business was good in 2015. We did much more consulting compared to the […]

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Highlights from Play Matters

In my review of Play Matters I talked about why I think it is a must-read for any designer. I thought I’d follow that up with some highlights from the book. These are mostly from the first two chapters. Miguel first talks about what play is. He offers a minimal definition which states that play […]

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Play Matters

When Miguel Sicart’s Play Matters was published in August of last year it immediately went on my to-read list but it took me a while before picking it up. When I did I was immediately hooked. Not since The Well-Played Game have a I come across such a thoughtful treatment of play. Play Matters is […]

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An Outline of Playful Design

In the summer of last year we announced a new direction for the studio, which boils down to us no longer framing our work as game design, but as playful design. We are interested in designing a wide range of playthings, and we are also interested in designing things that aren’t primarily meant for play […]

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Week 228

So we’re back from break and managed to get some projects wrapped up just around the turn of the year which is a great way to start with a clean slate. I’m writing this from the Netherlands where I’m keeping touch with the motherland though I can’t wait to be back in Berlin. We wrote […]

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Our approach to design consulting

We’ve been doing quite a bit of work lately that for lack of a better term I’ll describe as “design consulting”. The work is about helping organizations understand how games and play can be applied meaningfully to real-world issues and complex systems. Part of this is us having conversations with people at those organizations. We […]

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New tables

I’m writing this from behind a new desk. These were designed by my brother Ties. He’d done a pair of desks for BUROPONY before and when I saw his new design for a meeting table I asked him to also make a smaller version that could be used as a desk. The design is reminiscent […]

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Making cultural events more playful

These are sketches from a presentation that I delivered a while back to a room full of organizers of cultural events and creative agencies from Utrecht. This was the culmination of a study commissioned by the city of Utrecht, in which we looked at ways of adding playful elements to the programs of some of […]

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