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Project KOKORO – a mental health coach for teenagers

In the summer of 2015 we worked with mental health care organisation Ixta Noa on a project codenamed KOKORO, a mental health coach for teenagers and a life skills teaching tool for educators. The goal of the project was to help teenagers gain greater insight into and control over their thoughts and feeling. The idea […]

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Three Perspectives on Serious Games

At the end of last year I was invited to give a talk at Creative Mornings Utrecht on the theme “education”. I figured it would be a nice opportunity to share the things I’ve learned over the past 5+ years of practicing applied game design. I tried to connect a wide range of sources with […]

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Week 277

We gave and won the pitch I mentioned last week for the Dutch Museums Association so that is very good news and makes it very likely that we’ll be able to realize that idea in the new year. Standing made it out to the App Store and is looking amazing. Bycatch now has a BoardGameGeek […]

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Things we’re working on (volume 3)

Four months have passed since the previous update on our projects so it’s about time for a new one. Curating a playful exhibition The lovely folk at Storm have asked me to return as curator of the playful-slash-interactive exhibition that will be part of youth theatre festival Tweetakt 2012. I did the one this year, […]

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Two junior agents, signing off

For the past 4 months, a whoopin’ 1.253 hours (divided amongst the both of us, mind you), we have been broadcasting to you live from the Hubbub studio, bringing you the beez neez of top design in pervasive gaming and experiential learning. It might not always have been quite clear to you what exactly it […]

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Much obliged, +1 banana

The past two months we’ve been designing applied games for an honors course called the Learning Lab. The games are designed to offer a structure in which things are learned through play and reflection. That’s the idea, anyway. Another thing that supports this reflection is a portal where all students have a blog that is […]

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Assumption is the mother of all…

So game number two. What was this game supposed to be about? What kind of game could we design to take our students to the next level? What was our next role? Looking at game #1, the big pinup board game, one of the main things the students were doing was making assumptions about basically […]

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