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Making Camparc

This is a writeup of how we went about making Camparc, a panoramic camera ball. The story starts in July 2014 when STRP asks us to make a public space game for a ‘scene’ — one of the events leading up to their 2015 biennial. They were looking for something eye-catching, accessible to a broad […]

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Week 263

Last week was the penultimate week for Camparc so everybody was heavily involved in work on that. I did research on how to get videostreaming to work on OS X whose capabilities seem to have seriously regressed. I built a custom app using VLCKit that does what we want it to do. Aldo Hoeben worked […]

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Come play Camparc

You’re invited to come play our latest game Camparc at the Strijp-S open day on September 14 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Camparc is a panoramic camera ball playground. It is commissioned by art and technology festival STRP. At the event you’ll be able to play with several man-size panoramic camera balls in the Strijp-S area […]

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Week 260

This was the first week after my holiday so I spent Monday mostly just getting back into things. A process that used to be quite painful but ever since we mostly run on a combination of Asana and Slack it is much easier to get a sense of what has happened and what needs to […]

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