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Notes on project AJI (part 2)

This is the second part of a post about AJI, a self-commissioned research project about public protests. Read the first post or continue reading below. Looking back on the talks we gave in the past few years, they’re obviously (and naturally) precedents for what we’re doing with AJI now. I’m really happy we’re returning to […]

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Lessons from Knutepunkt 2013

Recently I traveled to Norway. Not because they still had snow there, but because Knutepunkt 2013 was in the land of lakes, fjords and good fish. Knutepunkt is an event that is hosted every year in a different Nordic country and serves as a get-together for the Nordic larp scene, full of talks, workshops, discussions […]

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Join us in Utrecht for FRIDAYS AT 7

So it’s time for a new thing, something that will possibly turn into a irregularly recurring get-together for friends of the studio. We’ve borrowed the name—FRIDAYS AT 7—from the drinks Urbanscale organizes in NYC. With permission, of course, as can be told from this exchange on Twitter: @kaeru Do what thou wilt shall be the […]

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Play some of our fave games at Tweetakt

I’ve blogged about Tweetakt before but now that construction of the festival pavilion is happening outside our studio windows I feel I should post a reminder. So this Friday, Tweetakt Festival opens. I’ve selected a number of games that will be playable for free at the pavilion for the full 10 days of the festival. […]

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Looking back on playful Tweetakt 2011

I’ve just uploaded a set of photos taken at the opening of the playful Tweetakt 2011 exhibition. As you may recall, I was asked to curate an interactive addition to this youth theatre festival. The works I selected are in my opinion all wonderful examples of the way play can lead to performance. Each was […]

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Come over and play at Tweetakt

From my window I can see guys building the Tweetakt pavilion on the Neude square. They’ve started today. Next week, the festival starts. And I’m a little excited because this year I was asked by Tweetakt to curate the interactive exhibition that will be on display at the pavilion. Tweetakt is a festival for performing […]

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Join us for Christmas drinks in Belgie

We’ll be heading to Kafe België this Friday (December 17 from 6pm) to celebrate the Wright Brothers making their first powered and heavier-than-air flight, the airing of the first episode of television series The Simpsons, an eventful and productive year at Hubbub with projects such as NU Grounds, the Learning Lab and of course PLAY […]

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Looking back on a serious symposium

Last week the KNAW (Royal Dutch Academy of Science) organized a symposium on serious games. Something we’re dealing with a lot right now, so we checked it out. Here’s some thoughts on what was talked about: David Shaffer was the first speaker. He made an interesting point: In order to learn by playing, the player […]

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Join us for a game of Bocce Drift

So we have five sets of bocce balls lying around (or jeu de boules, as we like to call the game in the Netherlands). They’re left over from our little stint at NU Grounds. We were planning to run Bocce Drift there, but did not get around to it. So let’s play it anyway, in […]

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Games we ran at NU Grounds

On a scorchingly hot Saturday afternoon several agents of Hubbub descended on the Utrecht area of Leidsche Rijn to run a number of physical social games at the NU Grounds festival. We played a mix of games designed by students of the Utrecht School of the Arts and games taken from the excellent Ludocity website. […]

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