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Shifting from Gamification to Playful Design

This is a lightly edited transcript of a short lecture I delivered some time ago at an off-site gathering organized by one of NL’s largest construction-services businesses. The event explored the potential of games, game design and gamification for property development and construction. This talk creates a common frame of understanding about gamification and why […]

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New Planning Methods

This is a writeup of my talk at the event ‘Nieuwe Planningsmethoden‘ (‘New Planning Methods’) in Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam on October 8, 2015. Hello. My name is Kars Alfrink. I am a designer and partner at Hubbub, a small playful design agency, based in Utrecht and Berlin. Hubbub helps organisations do things with games, […]

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A new direction for the studio

Today we’ve updated our front page and about page to reflect a new direction for the studio: digital product design for a playful world. The way we see it, playfulness has become an important quality for a wide range of products. It invites people into an experience, enables them to connect to others and express […]

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‘The Social Contract Put at Play’ at Lift12

This is a long overdue blog post for my talk at Lift12. It’s about what games can do for society. As such it builds on what I talked about in 2011 at FutureEverything and at dConstruct. What I tried to do here is to be more articulate about why I think the public sphere is […]

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Hack days as ludic practice

It was at DiGRA that I first heard Eric Zimmerman talk about the idea of this being a ludic age. We’re in the period that follows the information age, which we’ve more or less left behind. In the ludic age, says Zimmerman, “information itself is put at play”.1 What does that mean? It can’t just […]

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Occupy the future at Playful 2011

After making the many different creative industries out there take games seriously (and subsequently sort of regretting the consequences) Playful was back this year and decided to look towards the future. Ever since I presented there in 2008 this has probably been my favorite event of the year. So I returned after a much-regretted hiatus […]

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The Transformers at dConstruct 2011

Over two weeks have passed since dConstruct 2011 so it’s high time I post my talk. I felt a bit apprehensive about this one: dConstruct tends to have a pretty heterogeneous audience, so it’s hard to know what kind of talk to shoot for. In addition, I was slightly worried about how people would react […]

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Six games about architecture

I went looking for a few recent examples of games that deal with architectural themes in some way. I pulled these mostly from a few of the major street games festivals that are out there, such as Come Out & Play, Hide & Seek, Igfest and You Are GO! Just from this small sample size […]

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New Games for New Cities at FutureEverything

Last week I was in Manchester for FutureEverything. I presented on games and how they can be used to improve city life. Below are my notes and a selection of slides. It’s longish, but hopefully informative. I’ve tried to connect criticism of gamification with the virtues of open-ended play, and show how the latter can […]

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Looking back on playful Tweetakt 2011

I’ve just uploaded a set of photos taken at the opening of the playful Tweetakt 2011 exhibition. As you may recall, I was asked to curate an interactive addition to this youth theatre festival. The works I selected are in my opinion all wonderful examples of the way play can lead to performance. Each was […]

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