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Announcing Deterding, Dormans and Keller as first Hubbub associates

Today I am very pleased to announce we have been joined by three brilliant gentlemen: Sebastian Deterding, Joris Dormans and Ianus Keller have joined Hubbub as associates. They are immediately available for consulting and will also help us guide the company in the future. Each of these associates is an expert in their field and […]

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The Gameful City, a preview of my chapter for The Gameful World

This year, MIT Press will publish The Gameful World, a book edited by Steffen P. Walz and Sebastian Deterding to which I’ve contributed a chapter. The book will cover approaches in gameful and playful design, how it can be applied to a range of fields and its common issues. For example, Ian Bogost will expand […]

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Week 192

Last week was the last week we had to finish the Ripple Effect pilot. As I write this, the game’s been running for little over a day and has just under two weeks left before ending. So we managed to get it out the door. The process consisted of an accelerated playthrough with the team […]

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Week 185

We’re hosting a run of Code 4 these weeks which is proving to be stimulating. All in all we’re rather happy how well the project is holding up. For a two year old codebase, it doesn’t show much visible signs of aging at all. For KAIGARA we got the team filled out according to our […]

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Week 184

Alper was asked to contribute some words on ‘gamification’ to TNW Magazine, which appeared the beginning of this week. With some amusement we took note of the other contributors to this piece. Let’s just say a diverse range of perspectives is covered. On Monday Alper and I worked on adapting Code 4 for play within […]

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Ignite Berlin on New Games and Wild Play

Before I went on my trip to China and Australia I had an Ignite to give here in Berlin. To do that I threw all of our thinking of the past couple of years on the floor (literally because my post-its wouldn’t stick to the wall behind me) and synthesized it into something that reflects […]

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‘New Games for a Resilient Society’ at TEDxUtrecht 2012

A few weeks ago I presented at TEDxUtrecht. I talked about crises, unknown-unknowns and the notion of anti-fragility—how we might be better able to deal with the unpredictable if we were to hone our improvisation skills. To this end, I suggest a specific class of games as training grounds, for which I borrow the term […]

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‘Love in Times of Gamification’ at NEXT Berlin

This talk originated from a topic that had occupied me for a while. It seems I’m not the only one if I have to judge from stories told to me by friends. Love and dating online has grown to be a very large market with cutthroat competition and a lot of pressure to try out […]

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New Games for New Cities at FutureEverything

Last week I was in Manchester for FutureEverything. I presented on games and how they can be used to improve city life. Below are my notes and a selection of slides. It’s longish, but hopefully informative. I’ve tried to connect criticism of gamification with the virtues of open-ended play, and show how the latter can […]

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“The opposite of play isn’t work…”

RANJ created a game that makes work in flower farming greenhouses more fun. The game plugs into the data being gathered there already, allowing workers to train their skills at spotting sick plants. In addition, they attempted to increase social interaction between Dutch and Polish workers by asking them to collectively answer a quiz or […]

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