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Week 165

My streak of talks continued last week with a brief appearance on Monday at Playing City, an installment of City Think Lab, which has been charting the various ways of thinking about cities over the course of the past year. I discussed our general approach for designing games for cities, and in particular on what […]

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Week 161

Week one-hundred-sixty-one was a long one. It effectively ran from Monday to Monday. I caught my breath yesterday and am back in the saddle now. Let’s see what happened. Kohi sketching, Sake playtesting & Saba filming It all started a bit sub optimal with myself being a bit under the weather. However, there was a […]

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Week 160

I’m writing this under the influence of a slight cold so forgive me if it’s a bit terse. We’re heading to London for the Hide&Seek Weekender in a few days, so last week I worked with Tim to dot Is and cross Ts on Ceremony of Surprise‘s game design. I also spent time researching and […]

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Upcoming public appearances

Hey everyone, we have a number of events where we’ll be talking or showing things or running games. I thought I’d list them here for your convenience. First off, Alper will give a sneak peak of Beestenbende (project Saba) to developers at the Berlin iOS User Group. That’s tonight so you might read this too […]

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Week 156

I’m writing this on a train back from Berlin after a wonderful few days making games with Alper and playing games at Playpublik. Last week started with some work with Tim on Ceremony of Surprise. We’ll be running the game at Hide & Seek’s Weekender. I’m hugely excited about this. We’re tuning the game a […]

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Week 155

We’re getting into the rhythm of things with Buta. Last week we had our first proper standup meeting. Although it’s hard to tell if there was any actual standing up. The team’s distributed, so we chatted over Skype. Anyway, these should now happen each week on Monday and will help us get to a playable […]

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Week 153

The not-much-gets-done-due to-summer trend continued last week. I spent some time preparing for my talk on PLAY Pilots in Helsinki. This included a trawl of the project’s blog archives. I was reminded of the wonderful work done by the studios that participated as well as the Hubbub team that worked on the website. The whole […]

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Week 151

I guess this was one of those weeks that is typical of work during summer. Which is to say: we made some attempts at tying up loose ends on running projects and put some effort into starting up new ones but other than that not much of anything got done. I met up again with […]

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Week 148

We got back into the saddle this week with work on Saba continuing, and Buta starting back up again. We also published Hamachi and I managed to squeeze in a lecture at my favorite games program. Read on below for the details. On Tuesday I met with Irene, Hein and Peter in the studio while […]

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A ludic spin on the surprise party

Besides our work for clients we enjoy making small odd games as experiments. Today we’re publishing one such experiment for your enjoyment. It’s a party game, similar to classics such as Mafia, Werewolf and The Resistance. But we’ve tried to explore the notion of performative games too. As the game progresses, players make actual preparations […]

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