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Week 249

This week’s focus was squarely on our celebration of Standing’s launch at Mediamatic. While Alper and Simon put the final touches on a live display showing all active standing sessions around the world, I got the word out about the event on social media, coordinated with the event producer and got a streaming setup put […]

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Ignite Berlin on New Games and Wild Play

Before I went on my trip to China and Australia I had an Ignite to give here in Berlin. To do that I threw all of our thinking of the past couple of years on the floor (literally because my post-its wouldn’t stick to the wall behind me) and synthesized it into something that reflects […]

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Week 166-167

I was away on holiday the previous week, so these notes on the week prior to that are a bit late. I’ll keep it short so we can get back into the rhythm of things. Most of the week my time went into administrative things, business development and some legal stuff. Just basically me wearing […]

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My talk at Ignite Amsterdam 4

Here’s a selection of the 20 pictures I showed at Ignite Amsterdam 4, and the words I managed to cram into the 5 minutes I had available to me. It’s about some of the things that excite me, some of our recent work (most notably PLAY Pilots) and some of our new projects on the […]

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Some upcoming super-short talks

I’ve been invited to give some short talks at two upcoming events. The first one is Ignite Amsterdam 4 on Wednesday 22 December 2010 which is organized by the good folk at Mediamatic. This edition is devoted completely to games as part of their Arcade program. I’ll probably go into some of the recent things […]

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