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Project KOKORO – a mental health coach for teenagers

In the summer of 2015 we worked with mental health care organisation Ixta Noa on a project codenamed KOKORO, a mental health coach for teenagers and a life skills teaching tool for educators. The goal of the project was to help teenagers gain greater insight into and control over their thoughts and feeling. The idea […]

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Slack’s emoji reactions are playful product design in action

Last week Slack launched their Emoji reactions feature. This allows you to attach emoji to a message and for others to chime in and vote for an emoji or add their own. I am very excited by this for a number of reasons. We use Slack fairly heavily. We have channels for specific projects and […]

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Week 182

On Monday Alper got good news about our submission to the gamification research network workshop at CHI. Our position paper was accepted, which means we’ll be there to contribute to the discussion. Alper has promised me he’ll talk a bit more about our submission here soon. Meanwhile that same day, I spent some time fine […]

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Week 130

Work last week happened in the few days squeezed between my return from Berlin, where I participated in the Global Game Jam, and my trip to Dublin, to attend and speak at Interaction12. There was forward movement on Saba, with Karel making progress on the art style, and Hanne banging out a player scenario raising […]

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Looking back on playful Tweetakt 2011

I’ve just uploaded a set of photos taken at the opening of the playful Tweetakt 2011 exhibition. As you may recall, I was asked to curate an interactive addition to this youth theatre festival. The works I selected are in my opinion all wonderful examples of the way play can lead to performance. Each was […]

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Come over and play at Tweetakt

From my window I can see guys building the Tweetakt pavilion on the Neude square. They’ve started today. Next week, the festival starts. And I’m a little excited because this year I was asked by Tweetakt to curate the interactive exhibition that will be on display at the pavilion. Tweetakt is a festival for performing […]

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Learning Lab metagame work in progress

We have entered a new phase in the Learning Lab project. We started off by making games to elicit experiences which could lead to certain insights. These kinds of games are usually called “serious games”, though we kind of dislike the term as it contains something of a contradiction: having fun while being serious. In […]

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Upcoming lecture on pervasive games at CIID

Finally, I get to lecture at my favorite interaction design institute, the CIID. If you’re in the Copenhagen area, do come along. Here’s the description: It seems that the brave new playful world promised by pervasive/urban/locative/alternate-reality games mavens of the past decade hasn’t really materialized. Gaming hasn’t left the living room much, it still mostly […]

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Talking about game design at Visible Cities #03

Head over to TrouwAmsterdam tomorrow for what is sure to be another interesting Visible Cities. I can’t think of another event in NL at the moment that is more at the forefront of urbanism and interaction design. So I’m pleased to announce I’ll be there to provide a short overview of what we’ve been up […]

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