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Ignite Berlin on New Games and Wild Play

Before I went on my trip to China and Australia I had an Ignite to give here in Berlin. To do that I threw all of our thinking of the past couple of years on the floor (literally because my post-its wouldn’t stick to the wall behind me) and synthesized it into something that reflects […]

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‘The Strange Things People Play’ at the Hide&Seek Weekender Conference

Here’s the blog post version of what I talked about at Playing in Public, the Hide&Seek Weekender Conference. It’s titled The Strange Things People Play, which was an oblique reference to this passage from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: “I know that astrology isn’t a science,” said Gail. “Of course it isn’t. It’s just […]

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“New ideas must use old buildings”

The other day I had dinner at a radio-station that was turned into a restaurant. My favorite events venue in Amsterdam used to be a printing press. And friends of mine are turning a massive sports hall into creative work spaces. The uses buildings were intended for, and what they’re actually used for, vary greatly. […]

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Slides and notes for ‘The City Is My Games Console’ at CIID

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing an open lecture at CIID; the Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design. Below you’ll find a selection of the slides I used, plus a rough transcript of what I said.1 Not included is arguably the most fun part of the afternoon, which was a playtest of […]

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