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Week 314

This week’s big project was finishing a second version of the KOKORO prototype. Alper and I spent a couple of days writing javascript, html and sass, as well as good old copy. By Friday we had managed to complete most of the items in our backlog, and were quite satisfied with the result. Next up […]

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Week 313

The big one this week as in the weeks before was Free Birds. After a suitable amount of UI wrangling, bug hunting (and squashing) we delivered the first public beta on schedule at the end of the week. It is now playable in Airborne Museum. I am super proud of what the team has achieved, […]

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Week 288

I was joined by Alper in the Utrecht studio again this week. With all that’s going on in NL at the moment it’s nice to have him on site a little more frequently. One of the things we did was start the second sprint on SHACHI. Alper and Tim worked together on the alpha version […]

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Week 282

A large part of this week was taken up by our annual OKR review and subsequent reorientation of OKRs for 2015. An intensive exercise, but seriously worth it. The technique helps us build learning into our tiny organisation, and that’s very valuable. We’ll share some outcomes of this review in a separate blog post soonish. […]

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Week 270

My week started with the second day of the Asia-Europe Culture Ministers Meeting (ASEM)’s workshop on playful cities. It was a huge pleasure spending two days with talented peers from Europe, many of whom’s work I admire greatly. It was equally great to meet Asian practitioners and hear about the big differences in their local […]

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Presenting Bycatch, a card game about drone surveillance and remote warfare

We’re proud today to present Bycatch, a card game that we have been developing and that’s available for pre-order right now. As the site says, Bycatch is a game about ‘flawed surveillance, impossible decisions and the people caught in between.’ Players can shelter civilians, gather intelligence about those of others and based on this intelligence […]

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Week 268

After a false start on Monday due to a lingering head cold I was back in action on Tuesday. We made good progress this week on KUMA (our project with KLM on game-based learning) and on Bycatch (our card game about drones surveillance and remote warfare). Let’s start with KUMA. We processed the outcomes of […]

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Week 267

Let’s hope late weeknotes does not become a trend but we’re rather busy these few weeks both with client work and preparing the future. I flew back to Berlin last week but now I’m sat in Utrecht again writing this. Last Monday we had our KUMA workshop with KLM which was excellent. We look forward […]

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Week 266

I spent the first half of last week writing stuff for several potential projects that are in the pipeline for the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015. Kars was mostly occupied with redesigning and producing stuff for KEGANI. The current title for the project is “Bycatch” which feels like it could be definitive. […]

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Week 264

The delayed arrival of these notes should tell you something about what kind of week last week was: busy. For me, it was all about delivering and running Camparc. We’ll write more about it soon and are also sifting through our copious photos and videos. For now, suffice to say we had a more or […]

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