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A tiny coffee tasting game for you to print and play

Before Simon, Alper and I launched our little coffee guide as a side project, Cuppings was going to be a coffee tasting diary. And somewhere in between the diary and the guide, I got intrigued by the idea of a coffee tasting game. So, with help from Alper, I decided to make one and here […]

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Week 209

As you may have noticed, Alper, Simon and myself have been running a tiny app project on the side. It’s called Cuppings and it helps you find good coffee spots near you. This project grew out of a shared passion for coffee and actually started out as an idea for a coffee tasting diary app […]

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Week 204

In Berlin, Alper spent time preparing for an upcoming two-day workshop on-site for SAME. He’s chewing on complicated stuff together with Sebastian, involving on-the-job learning in an unfamiliar culture. We’re looking at applying principles of self-determination theory and we need to do as much of it with analog means. No mean feat. Meanwhile, I mostly […]

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Week 203

Last week got us into a good rhythm for our summer engagements. A quick slice from our current stack. Kars prepared and facilitated the second workshop for ASARI where tons of sketching resulted in a roughly final concept which can go up for presentation before the start of the first design and development sprint. Kars […]

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Week 161

Week one-hundred-sixty-one was a long one. It effectively ran from Monday to Monday. I caught my breath yesterday and am back in the saddle now. Let’s see what happened. Kohi sketching, Sake playtesting & Saba filming It all started a bit sub optimal with myself being a bit under the weather. However, there was a […]

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Week 149

I had the absolute luxury of doing a lot of sustained work on Saba this week. We’re nearing the deadline for delivery of a release candidate and are more or less on schedule. On monday I was joined by Alper who had come over from Berlin to do his part for another Hack the Government […]

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