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PRACTICE 2014 recap

This year’s PRACTICE, the game design conference at NYU Gamecenter, was as great as expected. It’s really nice to be surrounded by game designers for a couple of days and to be able to discuss game design in detail. As Frank Lantz put it in the introduction: “Game design is a sickness and the only […]

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Week 178

So it’s been a snowy week here in Utrecht—and I’m pretty sure it’s been more than chilly in Berlin too. We started the week earlier than usual, on Sunday, with myself plugging away at a revised chapter for the Gameful World book—trying to cram in as many references as I could, and generally clarifying and […]

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Upcoming public appearances

Hey everyone, we have a number of events where we’ll be talking or showing things or running games. I thought I’d list them here for your convenience. First off, Alper will give a sneak peak of Beestenbende (project Saba) to developers at the Berlin iOS User Group. That’s tonight so you might read this too […]

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Week 155

We’re getting into the rhythm of things with Buta. Last week we had our first proper standup meeting. Although it’s hard to tell if there was any actual standing up. The team’s distributed, so we chatted over Skype. Anyway, these should now happen each week on Monday and will help us get to a playable […]

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A video of the Code 4 player experience

It’s not always easy communicating what the games we make feel like. Many of them take place as much off the screen as on, or employ no major visual media whatsoever. So there are no screenshots to post that would give you an impression of the player experience. This certainly applies to Code 4, the […]

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A roundup of Code 4 publicity

We’ve been talking about Code 4 at various venues the past few months. So I thought I should collect the results from those events here, in case you’ve missed them the first time around. Code 4 is the large-scale game for organizational game we made for the Dutch Tax Administration in collaboration with Demovides and […]

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Speaking about Code 4 at Think Design Play, the DiGRA conference

This year the DiGRA conference will take place 14-17 september in Hilversum, the Netherlands. My alma mater, the Utrecht School of the Arts, is hosting. We couldn’t resist submitting a practice paper on Code 4, the game we made for the Dutch Tax Administration.1 It got accepted, so I’m speaking. The program is packed with […]

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Six games about architecture

I went looking for a few recent examples of games that deal with architectural themes in some way. I pulled these mostly from a few of the major street games festivals that are out there, such as Come Out & Play, Hide & Seek, Igfest and You Are GO! Just from this small sample size […]

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From the trenches of project Maguro, part 3

Project Maguro is finished and on this Monday, we’re doing a quick evaluation. Entering the war room provides us with an interesting sensation. It’s as if we can still smell the gun powder. Hear explosions faintly, in the distance – but only when listening intently. Sitting down, it feels like we’re expected to start crunching […]

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Talking about Code 4 at Chi Sparks

Our longtime collaborator Alper Çuğun will be at Chi Nederland’s bi-annual conference to talk about Code 4 (formerly referred to as Maguro). Code 4 is a pervasive game we created for the Dutch Tax Administration with the aim of igniting organizational change. Chi Sparks is a conference that focusses on “the very important contributions that […]

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