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Slack’s emoji reactions are playful product design in action

Last week Slack launched their Emoji reactions feature. This allows you to attach emoji to a message and for others to chime in and vote for an emoji or add their own. I am very excited by this for a number of reasons. We use Slack fairly heavily. We have channels for specific projects and […]

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Week 254

Last week was travel heavy for both of us but Kars joining me here in Berlin on Tuesday (after I got back from Barcelona on Monday) meant we could get things done that required our combined presence. Most importantly we did our second quarter OKR review. The OKR results were informative and motivated us to […]

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A new direction for the studio

Today we’ve updated our front page and about page to reflect a new direction for the studio: digital product design for a playful world. The way we see it, playfulness has become an important quality for a wide range of products. It invites people into an experience, enables them to connect to others and express […]

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