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Goat rodeo, issue games, and Bycatch

When Subalekha was presenting Bycatch at Playful back in October 2014, at some point Ian Willey tweeted the following: I was intrigued by the expression “goat rodeo” and immediately looked it up. It turns out Ian wasn’t referring to games about chasing goats with lassos. In stead, he’s talking about situations that I tend to […]

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Presenting Bycatch, a card game about drone surveillance and remote warfare

We’re proud today to present Bycatch, a card game that we have been developing and that’s available for pre-order right now. As the site says, Bycatch is a game about ‘flawed surveillance, impossible decisions and the people caught in between.’ Players can shelter civilians, gather intelligence about those of others and based on this intelligence […]

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