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Week 308

Lots of work on KOKORO this week. We finished the first prototype and playtested it with a bunch of teenagers. Received plenty of helpful feedback. We need to do a proper evaluation but my first impression is that our decision to structure the product around a conversational UI has been validated. For the remaining projects […]

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Slack’s emoji reactions are playful product design in action

Last week Slack launched their Emoji reactions feature. This allows you to attach emoji to a message and for others to chime in and vote for an emoji or add their own. I am very excited by this for a number of reasons. We use Slack fairly heavily. We have channels for specific projects and […]

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Week 260

This was the first week after my holiday so I spent Monday mostly just getting back into things. A process that used to be quite painful but ever since we mostly run on a combination of Asana and Slack it is much easier to get a sense of what has happened and what needs to […]

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Week 235

On Monday I set up my things in the new studio at Vechtclub XL. They had been kept in holding since the move out of Dutch Game Garden two weeks ago. With some help from the kind folk running the space I was up and running around midday. After a short period of working from […]

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