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Week 309-310

It’s been a while since we fell off the weeknotes horse, but here we are. So let’s get down to it. In week 309 we reviewed Q2’s OKRs, and discussed our plans for the future. Let me tell you, it isn’t easy being a boutique playful design agency. But we’re soldiering on. The big project […]

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Week 299

Last week I was in the Netherlands to participate in a pitch meeting in Tilburg. The rest of the week I worked at the Utrecht studio in Kars’s absence, took some meetings and coincidentally caught up with a bunch of friends. I went over to SodaProducties to talk over a bit of invention we will […]

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Week 273

Last week Kars and I crossed continents. He came back from holiday in Seoul (check out his visual food report) on the day I flew out to New York to attend PRACTICE. I spent the week doing some administration, reviewing current projects among which Standing and packing. I’m also organizing the fourth edition of Game […]

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Week 271

These weeknotes are late because of some irregularities in the studio. Kars is currently enjoying a holiday in Seoul while I have been sick for most of the week. Last week was eventful so there are the weeknotes anyway. Last Monday we finally got around to doing our Q3 OKR review with optimistic results. In […]

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Week 270

My week started with the second day of the Asia-Europe Culture Ministers Meeting (ASEM)’s workshop on playful cities. It was a huge pleasure spending two days with talented peers from Europe, many of whom’s work I admire greatly. It was equally great to meet Asian practitioners and hear about the big differences in their local […]

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Presenting Bycatch, a card game about drone surveillance and remote warfare

We’re proud today to present Bycatch, a card game that we have been developing and that’s available for pre-order right now. As the site says, Bycatch is a game about ‘flawed surveillance, impossible decisions and the people caught in between.’ Players can shelter civilians, gather intelligence about those of others and based on this intelligence […]

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Week 267

Let’s hope late weeknotes does not become a trend but we’re rather busy these few weeks both with client work and preparing the future. I flew back to Berlin last week but now I’m sat in Utrecht again writing this. Last Monday we had our KUMA workshop with KLM which was excellent. We look forward […]

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Week 263

Last week was the penultimate week for Camparc so everybody was heavily involved in work on that. I did research on how to get videostreaming to work on OS X whose capabilities seem to have seriously regressed. I built a custom app using VLCKit that does what we want it to do. Aldo Hoeben worked […]

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Week 254

Last week was travel heavy for both of us but Kars joining me here in Berlin on Tuesday (after I got back from Barcelona on Monday) meant we could get things done that required our combined presence. Most importantly we did our second quarter OKR review. The OKR results were informative and motivated us to […]

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Week 251

We kicked off this week on Tuesday following the extra-long Pentecost weekend with a review of the work that lead up to Standing‘s launch at Mediamatic. After taking stock of the way it was received, we strategised a bit and settled on a direction for the next few iterations. We drew up a list of […]

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