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Project TEDASUKE – a self-development and self-organisation tool for volunteer children’s book readers

VoorleesExpress is a project by social innovation agency SodaProducties. Volunteers read books to children in need of extra help learning the Dutch language. The project is a huge success. It operates in 100 municipalities, employs 4000 volunteers who read 3700 families annually. In the summer of 2015 we worked with SodaProducties to develop a design […]

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Week 319

Not much to report this week. For Free Birds we made plans for the next sprint, writing user stories and grooming our backlog. We hope to start the work on this soon. For TEDASUKE I had a final meeting with our client SodaProducties and talked through their next steps with them, in particular what to […]

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Week 316

Another week largely taken up by Free Birds. The whole team (Alper, Tim, Niels and myself) worked together on finishing another release, which we did with only a small bit of overtime on Friday. With each sprint we learn more about the intricacies of Unity’s UI system. We also delivered a spec and a budget […]

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Week 315

Last week once again was very much a heads down kind of week. Alper more or less exclusively worked on Free Birds. We also talked to the client about the next phase of the project, which kicks in after we finish this sprint, and involves scaling up to multiple museums. Furthermore, we prepared a bug […]

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Week 314

This week’s big project was finishing a second version of the KOKORO prototype. Alper and I spent a couple of days writing javascript, html and sass, as well as good old copy. By Friday we had managed to complete most of the items in our backlog, and were quite satisfied with the result. Next up […]

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Week 313

The big one this week as in the weeks before was Free Birds. After a suitable amount of UI wrangling, bug hunting (and squashing) we delivered the first public beta on schedule at the end of the week. It is now playable in Airborne Museum. I am super proud of what the team has achieved, […]

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Week 312

The big focus this week was once again Free Birds, our iBeacon-enabled museum game app for families, about freedom. Alper continued development, Tim worked on art and UI, and I did a lot of building and testing, and production-type stuff. On TEDASUKE, I got everything ready for briefing Simon on Friday, who will help us […]

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Week 311

The big thing this week was the start of a new sprint on Free Birds. Niels and Tim joined us again for copy and art respectively, while Alper donned his developer hat, and I switched between my producer, agile coach, and designer roles. There’s a lot to do, as usual, but we’ve made good progress. […]

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Week 309-310

It’s been a while since we fell off the weeknotes horse, but here we are. So let’s get down to it. In week 309 we reviewed Q2’s OKRs, and discussed our plans for the future. Let me tell you, it isn’t easy being a boutique playful design agency. But we’re soldiering on. The big project […]

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Week 308

Lots of work on KOKORO this week. We finished the first prototype and playtested it with a bunch of teenagers. Received plenty of helpful feedback. We need to do a proper evaluation but my first impression is that our decision to structure the product around a conversational UI has been validated. For the remaining projects […]

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