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Week 245

Our collaboration with Subalekha (codenamed KEGANI) reached a milestone this week with the submission of a proposal to the Knight Foundation’s Prototype Fund. We talked through the draft proposal on Monday, made some final adjustments afterwards, and sent it in on Wednesday. It’s fingers crossed for now while we wait for a response. I spent […]

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Lessons from Knutepunkt 2013

Recently I traveled to Norway. Not because they still had snow there, but because Knutepunkt 2013 was in the land of lakes, fjords and good fish. Knutepunkt is an event that is hosted every year in a different Nordic country and serves as a get-together for the Nordic larp scene, full of talks, workshops, discussions […]

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Things we’re working on (volume 3)

Four months have passed since the previous update on our projects so it’s about time for a new one. Curating a playful exhibition The lovely folk at Storm have asked me to return as curator of the playful-slash-interactive exhibition that will be part of youth theatre festival Tweetakt 2012. I did the one this year, […]

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Looking back on playful Tweetakt 2011

I’ve just uploaded a set of photos taken at the opening of the playful Tweetakt 2011 exhibition. As you may recall, I was asked to curate an interactive addition to this youth theatre festival. The works I selected are in my opinion all wonderful examples of the way play can lead to performance. Each was […]

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Come over and play at Tweetakt

From my window I can see guys building the Tweetakt pavilion on the Neude square. They’ve started today. Next week, the festival starts. And I’m a little excited because this year I was asked by Tweetakt to curate the interactive exhibition that will be on display at the pavilion. Tweetakt is a festival for performing […]

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A taste of Mega Monster Battle Arena’s music

In 2009, we were involved with one of the 11kernenoperas produced by Dario Fo for the fifth anniversary of the Westland municipality. The result was Mega Monster Battle Arena™, a mix between a game and contemporary music theatre for youth. The music was written by Daniël Hamburger, who also performed it live at the shows […]

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Making cultural events more playful

These are sketches from a presentation that I delivered a while back to a room full of organizers of cultural events and creative agencies from Utrecht. This was the culmination of a study commissioned by the city of Utrecht, in which we looked at ways of adding playful elements to the programs of some of […]

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What do you get when you cross a game with an opera?

I’ve just added a write-up to the project section. It’s about Mega Monster Battle Arena; a cross between a game and an opera commissioned by Dario Fo, which we were involved with at the start of last year. I still have fond memories of this project, it was our first foray into theatre, something I’m […]

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