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Week 253

We kicked off the week with a review of the latest sprint on Standing. The app now has a completely new look. Aside from a few final tweaks we deemed it ready to ship. For the next sprint we decided to focus on getting the web site aligned with the new look. That same day […]

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Week 212

On Monday last week I returned from a fun stay in Warsaw. That same day, I attended This happened – Utrecht #17. As almost always, the talks were lovely honest accounts of how things were made. I was particularly taken with Mieke Meijer’s story about her discovery of a wood-like material made of old newspapers. […]

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Week 137

We’re nearing another playtest for Saba so most of our time last week was taken up with production on a new prototype. We drew up an asset list to guide Karel’s work on art. This in turn lead to some tweaks of my sketches. Meanwhile Hanne put more time into the copy. Erwin wrote up […]

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Week 129

Hello from Dublin. I am writing this belated weeknote in between sessions. Last week saw more work on Saba, with Karel and Hanne making a first playable prototype. I got to play it together with Erwin and the direction seemed promising. So we documented it and shared it with the client and got some enthusiastic […]

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Week 128

Lots of different things going on this week. It’s a bit messy at the moment with projects needing to be wrapped up while new ones are already starting up. But we’re making progress nonetheless. Let’s do a quick per-project rundown. I spent some time early this week with Frank to discuss productional details for the […]

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A look back on 2011

It’s almost time to close shop for the holidays so I thought I’d do a final post. Here’s a month-by-month look back at some of the major things that happened at Hubbub in 2011 with links to relevant posts and such in case you missed it the first time around. January – We start development […]

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Looking back on playful Tweetakt 2011

I’ve just uploaded a set of photos taken at the opening of the playful Tweetakt 2011 exhibition. As you may recall, I was asked to curate an interactive addition to this youth theatre festival. The works I selected are in my opinion all wonderful examples of the way play can lead to performance. Each was […]

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Come over and play at Tweetakt

From my window I can see guys building the Tweetakt pavilion on the Neude square. They’ve started today. Next week, the festival starts. And I’m a little excited because this year I was asked by Tweetakt to curate the interactive exhibition that will be on display at the pavilion. Tweetakt is a festival for performing […]

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