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Week 267

Let’s hope late weeknotes does not become a trend but we’re rather busy these few weeks both with client work and preparing the future. I flew back to Berlin last week but now I’m sat in Utrecht again writing this. Last Monday we had our KUMA workshop with KLM which was excellent. We look forward […]

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Week 232

Last week was a bit of an in between week for us preparing for some changes that will realign Hubbub in 2014. One such change is Kars moving his studio out of the Dutch Game Garden into a holding state before he moves into Vechtclub XL. Vechtclub and Vechtclub XL together are one of the […]

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Week 224

Monday Kars prepped a KAZUNOKO session with some games to play both to serve as an icebreaker and to show the breadth of experience possible in games. For this the classic This Is My Nose and the card game Scopa proved to be a great fit. If you have never played This Is My Nose […]

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Video of our Playing with Rules workshop at Mozilla Festival 2013

This October Kars and I were in London (see notes for that week) to do a workshop titled Playing with Rules at Mozilla Festival among many other things. We modified an exercise we had used previously in a workshop with Sebastian Deterding. The task is to take Parcheesi and modify it to address a social […]

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Week 223

I spent a fair part of last week video editing the results of the workshop we did at the Mozilla Festival in London a couple of weeks ago. Editing demoes into something concise without losing the essence is a very time consuming but fun process. We’ll share the video as soon as we get a […]

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Week 216

Last week was busy again with us planning the last quarter of the year. 2013 will be over before we know it and we’re going to make the best of it. The Cuppings coffee tasting games is proceeding excellently. The game has received an updated layout and is being pushed out to be tested at […]

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