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Designing Playful Museum Exhibitions

In February of this year I went over to Reinwardt Academy to work with exhibition direction students. I was invited by Mario Jellema to share my perspective on the role of play and playfulness in museums. I enjoy talking to students, but I like working hands-on with them even more. So we turned the session […]

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Week 270

My week started with the second day of the Asia-Europe Culture Ministers Meeting (ASEM)’s workshop on playful cities. It was a huge pleasure spending two days with talented peers from Europe, many of whom’s work I admire greatly. It was equally great to meet Asian practitioners and hear about the big differences in their local […]

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Week 268

After a false start on Monday due to a lingering head cold I was back in action on Tuesday. We made good progress this week on KUMA (our project with KLM on game-based learning) and on Bycatch (our card game about drones surveillance and remote warfare). Let’s start with KUMA. We processed the outcomes of […]

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Playing with Rules workshop at Lift Conference Geneva 2014

We ran our “Playing with Rules” workshop at Lift Conference in Geneva earlier this year. We’d hosted it once before at Mozilla Festival and before that it was part of our consulting repertoire as an exercise for clients. Above is a video of the outcomes we had this time around. In the weeknotes I link […]

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Week 233

This week was all about Lift 14. Alper and I traveled to Geneva on Tuesday. We prepped our workshop at a local coworking spot and later at our apartment. The next morning, we ran Playing with Rules. We followed roughly the same format as at Mozilla Festival last year, slightly adjusted based on feedback from […]

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Video of our Playing with Rules workshop at Mozilla Festival 2013

This October Kars and I were in London (see notes for that week) to do a workshop titled Playing with Rules at Mozilla Festival among many other things. We modified an exercise we had used previously in a workshop with Sebastian Deterding. The task is to take Parcheesi and modify it to address a social […]

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Our approach to design consulting

We’ve been doing quite a bit of work lately that for lack of a better term I’ll describe as “design consulting”. The work is about helping organizations understand how games and play can be applied meaningfully to real-world issues and complex systems. Part of this is us having conversations with people at those organizations. We […]

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Week 196

Last week, Alper spent time leading development on Victory Boogie Woogie and Ripple Effect while I lead the design. For the former, we worked on the final update which should considerably improve the homepage. It’s always a challenge to design ahead of actual content. Now that the game has been running for some time we […]

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Week 192

Last week was the last week we had to finish the Ripple Effect pilot. As I write this, the game’s been running for little over a day and has just under two weeks left before ending. So we managed to get it out the door. The process consisted of an accelerated playthrough with the team […]

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Week 159

Last week included several causes for celebration. First of all, although mostly a formality, Beestenbende has been signed off on by the client. We’re really pleased with how the game has turned out so we can’t wait for the first families to give it a go in the museum. With development finished we have been […]

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