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Cuppings guide app

The Cuppings guide is an app for iPhone that points the way to excellent coffee near you based on tastings from our international network of trusted experts. It was developed as part of our longstanding fascination with excellent coffee.

Cuppings guide app in the wild

Using Cuppings in the wild

Cuppings was initially prototyped as a specialty coffee tasting diary. After a couple of iterations we decided that the audience for such an app would be extremely limited. For this reason, we turned the app into its present form. The guide builds on our experience drinking coffee while traveling the world. The tasting aspect found its way into a pen-and-paper tasting game.

When Cuppings was still a coffee tasting diary…

Early sketches of Cuppings as tasting diary

Early Cuppings mockups

Early mockups from the pre-iOS7 era

We’ve kept Cuppings deliberately sparse in both functionality and visuals. This has resulted in a distinctive minimal aesthetic and also reduces the possibility of erroneous information being featured in the app. It is optimised around around doing just one task really well: finding great coffee near you.

The suggestions Cuppings provides are sourced by ourselves through a combination of desk research, on-site visits and recommendations from trusted sources. The latter being an ever-growing group of people who find their way to us through discovery of the app.

Although the app seems extremely utilitarian, it continues to be a joy for us to work on thanks to its lightness. There is playfulness here, but it happens around the app: using it to find a delightful coffee spot in a foreign city, arguing with us on Twitter about which of your favourite spots should be included, and (for us) taking a few hours out of our busy schedules every once in a while to tweak and to tune.

Cuppings is actively maintained and available for purchase on the App Store.

  • Project credits

    Alper Çugun (concept, development), Simon Scheiber (design), Kars Alfrink (design support).