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Cuppings tasting game

Playing the Cuppings coffee tasting game at The Village

Cuppings is a print-it-yourself tiny coffee tasting game for two. We made it because we enjoy a good cup of coffee and were fascinated by how people describe the aromas they taste. The game shares its name with a guide app we made as a side project, to help you find great coffee around the globe.

Cuppings coffee tasting game card front and back

To play, you need two cups of the same coffee, two game cards and two pens. Players taste their coffee, mark one of the aromas listed on the card which they think stands out the most, and then proceed to take turns guessing what the other player picked. The catch is, you’re not allowed to guess the aroma you chose yourself. So you need to get in the head of your playmate, imagining what they would taste, as opposed to what you tasted yourself. When a player guesses right, or when players run out of options, the game ends.

Playing the Cuppings coffee tasting game at The Village

By turning an everyday activity into something game-like, people are made more aware of taste, which is a thing commonly taken for granted. Each choice is marked on the cards, leading to a kind of emergent sent of tasting notes at the end of the game, which might be fun to keep, share and discuss with others.

The game is freely available as a print-it-yourself PDF under a Creative Commons license. We welcome game adaptations for other substances, other aroma lists or anything else players might dream up. More background on the project is available in the announcing blog post and more photos of the game being played are available on Flickr.

Playing the Cuppings coffee tasting game at The Village

  • Project credits

    Design by Alper Çugun and Kars Alfrink. Additional design by Tim Bosje.

    Photography by Hessel Bonenkamp. Modelling by Syreetha Domen and Tim Bosje.