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Week 220

Last Mon­day Kars hand­ed over the run­ning engage­ments to me and tied up some loose ends for ASARI and SABA before jump­ing on a plane to NYC. He’s there for a week of sight-see­ing with his love­ly wife before I fol­low him for work. That left me with a pro­duc­tive week where I inte­grat­ed the design […]

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Week 161

Week one-hun­­dred-six­­ty-one was a long one. It effec­tive­ly ran from Mon­day to Mon­day. I caught my breath yes­ter­day and am back in the sad­dle now. Let’s see what hap­pened. Kohi sketch­ing, Sake playtest­ing & Saba film­ing It all start­ed a bit sub opti­mal with myself being a bit under the weath­er. How­ev­er, there was a […]

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Upcoming public appearances

Hey every­one, we have a num­ber of events where we’ll be talk­ing or show­ing things or run­ning games. I thought I’d list them here for your con­ve­nience. First off, Alper will give a sneak peak of Beesten­bende (project Saba) to devel­op­ers at the Berlin iOS User Group. That’s tonight so you might read this too […]

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Week 151

I guess this was one of those weeks that is typ­i­cal of work dur­ing sum­mer. Which is to say: we made some attempts at tying up loose ends on run­ning projects and put some effort into start­ing up new ones but oth­er than that not much of any­thing got done. I met up again with Dirk […]

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Week 150

Last week was a short week as I took a day off on Mon­day. I’m try­ing to see if I can do that every oth­er week, at least dur­ing the sum­mer months. The assump­tion is that a lit­tle less time spent in the stu­dio and in stead spent out­side improves both my work­ing and my […]

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Week 149

I had the absolute lux­u­ry of doing a lot of sus­tained work on Saba this week. We’re near­ing the dead­line for deliv­ery of a release can­di­date and are more or less on sched­ule. On mon­day I was joined by Alper who had come over from Berlin to do his part for anoth­er Hack the Government […]

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Week 148

We got back into the sad­dle this week with work on Saba con­tin­u­ing, and Buta start­ing back up again. We also pub­lished Hamachi and I man­aged to squeeze in a lec­ture at my favorite games pro­gram. Read on below for the details. On Tues­day I met with Irene, Hein and Peter in the stu­dio while […]

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Week 144–147

Hav­ing returned from a few weeks hol­i­day­ing in Indone­sia it is time to get back into the rhythm of these week notes. So to begin, a quick recap of what hap­pened in the days lead­ing up to my depar­ture: Sto­ry­board­ed a sce­nario illus­trat­ing the play­er expe­ri­ence of Kani and pre­sent­ed it to the client. Now […]

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Week 143

The pre­vi­ous week was the last full work week before I take a break, which starts this Thurs­day. So we’re wrap­ping up run­ning projects or at least get­ting them to stage where they can be safe­ly put on hold. For Saba, this meant sit­ting down with Hanne, Karel and Alper remote­ly to MoSCoW the list of […]

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Week 142

At the start of last week, I found myself work­ing on a nation­al hol­i­day. A fate not unfa­mil­iar to most busi­ness own­ers, I guess. That day, and the one fol­low­ing it, I was tweak­ing the Saba build we would be test­ing on Wednes­day. Myself and Alper have got­ten into a nice rhythm of remote collaboration. […]

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